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The Caesars, 1968

Great as the later I, Claudius is, this series is much closer to Tacitus, with the major exception of making Tiberius the mostly-hero. 

Good stuff, and you'll quickly get used to the shitty audio. The writing and acting is spot on, including Freddie Jones as Claudius, iconic as Derek Jacobi's portrayal rightly is.

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Risking Total Annihilation for the Sake of Profit - with Wilkerson and J...

Here's a YouTube playlist of the full discussion, which began by reviewing the current film on Dick Cheney, Vice.

This segment is the point: it's about the US military-industrial complex, and the survival of the species.

On that note, here's the full playlist of Daniel Ellsberg's long interview with Paul Jay on his book, The Doomsday Machine, which you should read. And then act upon.

You won't. Much more relevant to bash your kids for not scoring in the 99th percentile on the SAT. I mean, clearly, the priority for parenting is to make sure that when your kid melts into the liquefying asphalt, somewhere in a box in his or her basement, a diploma from an Ivy-level university is what instantly incinerates. Not to do so would be bad parenting.

"But, Doug--what do I do about this? Certainly, I and my Ivy-level degrees can't figure it out on my own, so, in order to try to get myself off the hook, I'm going to heavily imply there's no reason for me to ch…

Channel 4 (UK) Live Coverage of the Brexit Debate

Watch the UK continue to weaken itself as much as it can. David Cameron's legacy is to have done the most damage to the UK since Adolf Hitler.

Dean Baker, The Green New Deal Is Happening in China

Dean Baker talks sense, as per usual.

Read it here; follow his work here; here's his background.

The Military-Industrial Complex Launches a "Feminist" PR Campaign

Satire is not only dead, the gravesite has been forgotten.

I know: I’m a misogynist, Bernie-Bro, woman-hating antifeminist because I’m appalled by this PR campaign. I should say, “I’m with her!” I mean, how dare I hold women to the same standard as men, and sorta like not want to encourage people to go into the death machine business? Surely, all that sugar and spice will make the bombs so much prettier, no? Who cares if something more representatively feminine is slouching toward Bethlehem waiting to be born? As long as it can code!
TP Gore, Gore Vidal’s grandfather: “If there were any race other than the human race, I’d go join it.”
I asked Grendel the Cat if I could join up with the cats. He said, no way. Can't blame him.

Who's Afraid of AOC?

Lots of people, apparently.

Um, yeah, you primary all the time. That's how it works. It's called, "representative democracy."

Little note to the idiot ruling class: make reform impossible and you make revolution (left or right) inevitable. Get it now, morons?

Turkish Journalist Sentenced To Prison Over Paradise Papers’ Investigation, ICIJ

Coming soon to the US? So, publishing the truth in Turkey is now (sic, has been for some time) defamation.

Think about this when Trump whines about libel laws.

"Turkish journalist Pelin Ünker has been sentenced to jail over the Paradise Papers investigation after being found to have defamed her nation’s former prime minister and two of his sons.

An Istanbul court sentenced the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ member to imprisonment for 13 months for “defamation and insult.”

Ünker, who reported that former prime minister Binali Yildirim and his sons owned companies in Malta in the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, was also fined $US1615.

Prime minister from May 2016 to July 2018, Yildirim became speaker of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly after the post of Prime Minister was abolished."

Noam Chomsky - The US Media as a Propaganda System - Audio only

The blurb from YouTube:

"Noam Chomsky - The US Media as a Propaganda System.

Chomsky gave this talk, with Q&A from the audience, on January 30th, 1988. It is a precurser version to his latter lecture series, "Necessary Illusions - Thought Control in Democratic Societies". Patrick Cockburn of the media watchdog group, FAIR, also spoke."

As Democratic Elites Reunite With Neocons, the Party’s Voters Are Becoming Far More Militaristic and Pro-War Than Republicans, Glenn Greenwald

It never ceases to amaze, if not surprise, me how easily led Smart Democrats are.

This is why the propaganda persists: because we fall for it. How eager we are to be slaves, to quote Tiberius. And here's how it works, basically. Works best on the well-educated, which annoys them when you point it out.

The Quatermass Experiment, BBC, 1953

Here's a rarely-seen classic!

More info here.

Dig the first couple of episodes below--all there is:

"Only poor-quality copies of the first two episodes were recorded before the idea was abandoned,[9] although the first of these was later shown in Canada.[2] During the telerecording of the second episode, an insect landed on the screen being filmed, and can be seen on the image for several minutes.[9] It is very unlikely that material from the third to sixth episodes of the serial will ever be recovered to the BBC's archives.[11] The two existing episodes are the oldest surviving examples of a multi-episodic British drama production, and some of the earliest existing examples of British television drama at all, with only a few earlier one-off plays surviving.[2]"

Hour of the Wolf (1968) - Ingmar Bergman [Eng]

Horror film from The Bergman. I think it's the first film he made after Persona. This copy is low-res; go to iTunes for the nitty gritty.

Mark Weisbrot: China Leads the Way in Eradicating Extreme Poverty

This is interesting.

Botany: A Blooming History

Noam Chomsky address to Australia's National Press Club on 24 January 1995

Blurb from an audio file of this talk:

"Noam Chomsky, a linguist, comments on the Australian response to the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, highlighting the paradox between Australia's signing of the Timor Gap Treaty and the high principles of international law adhered to in official foreign policy."

Imagine Chomsky even being invited to the American National Press Club.

Briahna Gray, Intercept: "What’s The Matter With the Democratic Party? Just Watch Pelosi and Schumer Respond to Trump’s Wall Speech."

She's got a point. The corporates simply can't deal with Trump because they can't go to the heart of the problem. God, do they suck. They cannot effectively communicate to anyone who isn't a corporate. And thus they cannot fully counter Trump's fascist insanity.

Here's Sanders' response in full:

And, from the article itself, here's AOC's reaction on Maddow's show:

Reporter William Arkin on his resignation from NBC: Democracy Now

Here's a lesson in the really-existing media:

1. His resignation letter, which I already posted.
2. Today's interview with Democracy Now.
3. A bit about this guy.

4. Here's his and Dana Priest's investigation, "Top Secret America," from the WaPo in 2010.

5. And here's Robert Fisk's take on his resignation.

Bernie's Revolution Is TERRIFYING The Establishment

I sincerely hope he runs. There's a reason the establishment is terrified of him: because he's serious. He's not playing, cosmetically, with progressive ideas and policies. He's the real deal, period.

TYT's Fiery Response to NYT Attack on Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Responds to Trump's Oval Office Address