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MediaLens: Buried In Broad Daylight - The ‘Free Press’ And The Leaked OPCW Report On Douma

It never happened, apparently, just as the Intercept didn't just get an earth-shattering data dump that should bury Bolsonaro, Sanders' policies aren't worth covering, Pompeo's explanation of what happened in the Straits requires nothing but craven assent, and US sanctions don't matter at all when addressing actions by Iran or Venezuela.

All the shit we can fit: the mainstream, for-profit press.

Or: this.

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The Intercept: Judge Sergio Moro Directed Car Wash Prosecutors on Lula Case

I haven't seen this even mentioned in the NYT, but I haven't looked in depth. Should be frontpage news, of course.

Fuck 'em: read it here.

The World Bank Helps Investors Choose the Law They Want

Chomsky on Linguistics, UCLA, 2019

Four and a half hours in total.

Noam Chomsky Interviewed by David Barsamian 2019 Unedited Video

Low volume, at least at first. Crank it!

Peace Points: Launch of the 2019 SIPRI Yearbook

A Whole Buncha Ulysses and Joyce Stuff

Happy Bloomsday!

And some more Joyce documentaries:

Mathematics and Platonism

Melvyn Bragg looks at the deep claims made for mathematics, the discipline some believe to be the soul and true key to the understanding of all life, from the petals on the sunflower to the pulse in our wrists. 

The notion that mathematics is akin to theology might take some taking in at first. But from the first, in the West, they were. To Pythagoras, numbers were mystical and “prove” God. To Plato, who, it is claimed, has driven mathematics for over two thousand years, the ideals beyond the reality of our lives are to be found in mathematical perfections, immutable truth, God again in numbers. 

Are mathematics there in the universe, waiting to be discovered as the great ocean lying before Newton - or are they constructs applied by us to the universe and imposed rather than uncovered? It’s a long way from chalky sums on the blackboard and the first careless swing of the compass. Galilei Galileo wrote, “The Universe cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar wi…

Where Are the Skeptics as the Drums Roll for War with Iran?

Glenn Greenwald on the Leaked Brazil Archive Exposing Operation Car Wash

Summertime Rolls (2006 Remaster)

Beautiful day; beautiful song.

SIPRI Publications: Reassessing CBRN Threats in a Changing Global Environment, June 2019

DOWNLOAD FULL PUBLICATION Threats related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) use are evolving rapidly alongside changes in the political environment and developments in technology. The continued use of chemical weapons (CW) in armed conflict has, in particular, underlined the fragile nature of existing arms control agreements. In addition, several recent attacks in Asia and Europe using toxic chemicals and radioactive materials suggest that a new concern—state-sponsored assassination or attempted assassination—must now be incorporated into national security policy. Such confirmed use of CBRN materials by both state and non-state actors in these contexts highlights substantial challenges that the world is facing. As such, it is imperative to identify the threats posed by the use of CBRN and to understand the obstacles that impede cooperation at both the regional and international levels. Strengthening barriers against the use of CBRN weapons by exploring the possib…

Bernie Sanders Speech on Democratic Socialism

My friends, we are in the midst of a defining and pivotal moment for our country and our planet. And, with so many crises converging upon us simultaneously, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed or depressed — or to even throw up our hands in resignation.  But my message to you today is that if there was ever a moment in the history of our country where despair was not an option, this is that time. If there was ever a moment where we had to effectively analyze the competing political and social forces which define this historical period, this is that time. If there was ever a moment when we needed to stand up and fight against the forces of oligarchy and authoritarianism, this is that time. And, if there was ever a moment when we needed a new vision to bring our people together in the fight for justice, decency and human dignity, this is that time. In the year 2019 the United States and the rest of the world face two very different political paths. On one hand, there is a growing m…

Steven Weinberg - Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Jacobin goes Stupid-Lefty on Robert Caro: Against the Great Man Theory of Historians

Jacobin fucks up.

First read the article.

It begins as a partially useful critique—if obvious: Caro’s a liberal; he’s not a socialist—marred by unnecessary cutesy/nasty rhetoric, trying to turn Caro, a guy who simply writes books, into some kind of sinner of the Robert Moses ilk, when it’s clear that Caro has a deep interest in what power does to ordinary people. He’s put years of tireless labor into painting that very picture, and it’s the best part of his work, one could argue.
Caro was nearly penniless when he was writing The Power Broker. As is sort of alluded to, but has to be downgraded as “compulsion” as opposed to “dedication.” Yeah, yeah, yeah: he called it that himself; methinks not along the framing-lines marshaled here. We all know the tricks of the trade; or should.
Also, the economic isn’t “almost always missing”: in fact, Caro’s seemingly favorite bit of his ongoing LBJ bio was finding hard cold data to support exactly how economic interests shape politics (the early races …