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US Dept of Defense Failed Audit While Spending $5.9 Trillion Since 9/11

Here’s the Brown U site, Costs of War, and here’s the calculation.
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David Harvey on the History of Neoliberalism, Nov 2018

A Blueprint for Linking Trade to Full Employment and Domestic Industrial...

A video of part 2 of this excellent discussion at the bottom of this post.

See part 1 here, and here's a handy playlist of both parts, and here's a recent article by Richard Kozul-Wright, "The Global Economy's Fundamental Weakness."

Here's Wikipedia on The Havana Charter:

In March 1948, the negotiations on the ITO Charter were successfully completed in Havana Charter. The Havana Charter (formally the "Final Act of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Employment") provided for the establishment of the ITO, and set out the basic rules for international trade and other international economic matters. It was signed by 56[5] countries on March 24, 1948. It allowed for international cooperation and rules against anti-competitive business practices.

The Charter, proposed byJohn Maynard Keynes, was to establish the ITO and a financial institution called theInternational Clearing Union(ICU), and an internationalcurrency; thebancor. The Havana Charter insti…

GrendelFella Wants His Breakfast: A Martin Scorsese Picture

DOUG and DONNA are talking quietly in bed at 5 AM one morning. GRENDEL bursts in between them.
GRENDEL [Talking fast with forced bonhomie; out of patience.]: Hey, guys, I’ve been looking all over for you! Doug, Donna: how are ya, how are ya—Merry Christmas—[To DONNA.] Hey, listen, I need my breakfast.
DONNA: Hey, Grendel—relax. OK? Relax. It’s nearly Christmas—relax.
GRENDEL: I’m relaxing: I need my breakfast.

DONNA: Relax!

GRENDEL: I did what I had to do: I need my breakfast.

DONNA walks away in disgust to the living room. GRENDEL turns to DOUG.

DOUG [Trying to reason with GRENDEL.]: Not now, Grendel—
GRENDEL: Listen, I did my snuggling—she owes me. I mean, every other cat in the neighborhood is flashing their empty cans here. Evidently they all got fed, and I’m still bearing the same old hunger. They’re eating this morning! They’re eating! [Moves away from DOUG.] I gotta talk to her. [Storms off; DOUG follows.] DONNA! DONNA!
DOUG catches up with GRENDEL and stops him in the hallway; GREN…

Greenwald on Assange indictment and the ever-hypocritical Democrats

As usual, Greenwald is right; as usual, the Democrats are complete and total hypocrites, fake-Resistors, and helping us hurtle toward fascism. It's irrelevant if Assange is (1) a prick, (2) guilty of some crime, sexual or not, and (3) released real info, not fake news, that hurt Hillary. You're either for a free press or you're an authoritarian:

This reflects the broader irony of the Trump era for Democrats. While they claim out of one side of their mouth to find the Trump administration’s authoritarianism and press freedom attacks so repellent, they use the other side of their mouth to parrot the authoritarian mentality of Jeff Sessions and Mike Pompeo that anyone who published documents harmful to Hillary or which have been deemed “classified” by the U.S. Government ought to go to prison.


What has changed since that Obama-era consensus? Only one thing: in 2016, WikiLeaks published documents that reflected poorly on Democrats and the Clinton campaign rather than the Bu…

The Corporate Top 1% Control Over 50% of International Trade (Pt 1/2)

Richard Kozul-Wright, who is the lead author of this year's annual Trade and Development Report (TDR) and Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development): We talk a lot in the report about what the Chicago economist Luigi Zingales calls this “Medici vicious circle,” of this growing interaction between increased economic power and increased political power, and the way in which that has become a self-reinforcing part of a very vicious circle. I think most people recognize that feature increasingly as part of the trend in advanced economies. In one way or another, people associate the rise of what is referred to, probably inappropriately as populist politicians, the “Brexit experience” as somehow linked to the removal of trust from the political system, which is increasingly seen as favoring a smaller and smaller part of the population.  So we know that’s the case in the advanced economies and we’re se…