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More Inspiring Courage from Obama, Progressive Paladin

Having already outflanked some conservatives (I mean, conservatives, not the fascists in both parties) on the need to prevent Iran from getting nukes within 2 years -- well, a nuke...all right, more like 5 years...well, 10...OK, well, a cascade of centrifuges sufficient to...well, OK, any cascade of centrifuges, regardless of...uh, did I mention I was against the Iraq war in 2002? -- with no options off the table (this will be appearing soon in his Redbook spread: just Obama and silk boxers with that phrase across the bulge), this tireless defender of the downtrodden continues his transformation into a one-man Thermopylae, graphic-novel-style.

But first, a quick stop today, in the article linked above, to underscore the meaninglessness of the Giant Democratic Victory about “a date certain” (that is, November 4, 2008); then, have done with those ungrateful Mesopotamians (I mean, don't they appreciate all the bombs we've given them?). On to protect Western Civilization from the Persian horde, one glistening man against millions.

Oh, I tingle at his turgid resolution. Makes me all moist when he grabs me roughly and triangulates like that.

But when he discloses how big and fat his campaign funding package is, how near to bursting at the seams to shoot forth a seemingly unending fountain of mindless, sticky, wriggling ads aimed at fertilizing one thought in the supine “progressive community,” so drooling with ardor: “Vote Obama...Vote Obama...Vote Obama...” -- yes, then I and my free-thinking, self-directed, oh-so-progressive harem-mates will explode in an ecstasy of wish-projection, settle deeper in our passivity and leader-worship, let the endorphins do their work, and, like Homer, hide under a pile of blankets and hope everything turns out OK.
“I think that it's important for voters to get a sense of how the next president will make decisions in a foreign policy arena,” said Obama.
Indeed it is, Barack. Indeed it is.