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Showing posts from October 29, 2006

A Winter's Tale

Dear friends,

What do I have in common with Marilyn Monroe?

You'll have to come to my production of The Winter's Tale to find out the answer to the question. However, here's a hint: ukulele. OK, fine, that's the full answer: Mar', as I like to call her, played the ukulele in Some Like It Hot and was Hollywood's premier sex symbol, and I also play the uke in The Winter's Tale.

Apart from the ukulele (which I've now been playing for a grand total of two months!), in the show I also play piano, sing, have written original music and, oh yeah, act, too.

The rest of the cast is quite excellent, as well, while the play itself deftly blends comic and tragic elements into one of the greatest Shakespeare ever wrote.

Please help us kick off the production with a strong first weekend!

Performance dates: November 4 - November 19

Location: Access Theatre, 380 Broadway, 4th Floor (two blocks south of Canal)

Tickets through SmartTix: or 212-868-4444

**Use the discount code &q…