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Some InfoWeapons for the New Year

Hi, all:

We're going to a Bosnian restaurant (owned by, some dishes are Bosnian -- mostly Mediterranean) in Boston with some friends tonight; should be a blast!

I hope everyone had a good 2006 and will have a happy 2007!

These sources help set the stage for where we are now: still in full reaction against the expansion of rights and freedom that took place in the 50's-70's. Knowledge is power -- at least I'd like to think so. Anyway, some of you may be familiar with these; some not; some by name only; some may have read/seen all of it or some of it; whatever. It's being posted as an FYI by a non-expert; that's all!

Or: "Why Ford Is Being Hailed By Cheney For Pardoning Nixon."

So, for your reading pleasure, and to show how much info is out there:
Pentagon Papers.Church Committee on COINTELPRO (I have a 14-meg PDF of this if you want). Trilateral Commission report, The Crisis of Democracy, 1975. Dig Huntington's piece, and dig who was on the commission. T…