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Falsely Accused Venture Capitalists Speak Out

The Thirteen Stars and Stripes: An Expatriate's Alarm

By Emanuel E. Garcia

06/06/07 "ICH" -- - I grew up scorning politics, ignoring their local, state and federal manifestations for years. The assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK jolted me, but I was too young to respond in any practical way, though I remember vividly being plunged into a transient despair about our country which was accompanied by a fear of traveling over bridges. The Vietnam War, which I was very fortunate enough to elude solely by dint of age, was an abstraction despite my knowing several neighbors who served there. It was, surprisingly enough perhaps, only through psychoanalysis that awareness of the importance of political man began to dawn and a portal into the machinations of state opened. Nonetheless I considered my fibers to be imbued with the spirit of the principles upon which America was founded and declared and which set us apart from all of history.

Having studied the classics I … / In depth - New UN map charts West Bank reality