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HMO Whisteblower Dr. Linda Peeno on the Subordination of Healthcare to a For-Profit System

From Democracy Now! -- alternative title, "The Awful Truth, Part n in an Infinite Series."

This SiCKO movie/movement is the first thing I've felt optimistic about since the Dean campaign. I actually think Moore, Oprah, et al, might force a shift in our healthcare policy. So much so that I invented a new "heathcare" tag for my six readers! LOL.

Uri Averny, "Crocodile Tears"

WHAT HAPPENS when one and a half million human beings are imprisoned in a tiny, arid territory, cut off from their compatriots and from any contact with the outside world, starved by an economic blockade and unable to feed their families?Some months ago, I described this situation as a sociological experiment set up by Israel, the United States and the European Union. The population of the Gaza Strip as guinea pigs.This week, the experiment showed results. They proved that human beings react exactly like other animals: when too many of them are crowded into a small area in miserable conditions, they become aggressive, and even murderous. The organizers of the experiment in Jerusalem, Washington, Berlin, Oslo, Ottawa and other capitals could rub their hands in satisfaction. The subjects of the experiment reacted as foreseen. Many of them even died in the interests of science.But the experiment is not yet over. The scientists want to know what happens if the blockade is tightened still …

Norman Finkelstein Solidarity Campaign Blog

Good stuff. Support academic freedom!

I think someone like, say, Daniel Pipes is a total asshole with whom I disagree on just about everything, but if he were an academic and was denied tenure in this fashion, I'd support him, too. There is a larger issue here than Finkelstein or Israel/Palestine: freedom of thought and academic freedom.

Sy Hersh, "The General's Report," The New Yorker

Another instant classic by Hersh; another peek inside an utterly depraved administration. The general in question is Maj. Gen. Taguba of the Taguba report on Abu Ghraib. The reaction by his superiors, who literally prevented themselves from being investigated, is chilling. The "bad apples" own the barrel.

Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, et al, need to be arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. I hope the Center for Constitutional Rights keeps at it -- they have tried to bring charges in Germany, which has international jurisdiction. It got thrown out, but the UN is now involved.

The precedent being set by the Democrats in not impeaching Bush and Cheney will come back to haunt us: they, too, are impeachable and convictable about 100 times over. As Robert Parry has shown in detail in Secrecy and Privilege, the failure of the Democrats to follow through on the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate scandals when they took power in '92 has led to the even worse disasters of the Bush years.