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Rainbows: The Inside Story

This is from an e-mail Q&A with a physics friend that was inspired by a perfect rainbow I saw yeseterday.

I'll reorder it so you don't have to read from bottom up...

Physics is just damn cool. Unless you're falling off a building. Anyway, maybe it's just me, but this is far more fascinating to me than any myth I've ever heard. And I like myths!

Of course, if any physicists/scientists/whatever disagree with the analysis below, comment away! Any other comment welcome, too, of course.

Why are rainbows bows? That is, why doesn't every single droplet show the prismatic effect? And those that don't (or don't show it to an observer in a given position -- ?); well, why do those that do arrange themselves in a hemisphere?


OK, each water droplet in the sky: Think of each droplet as a sphere. Light from the sun impacts the air/water boundary of the droplet. A significant amount of the white (i.e., "contains all colors") light refracts…

How to Destroy an African-American City in Thirty-Three Steps - Lessons From Katrina

Two years later, and NOLA has to go abroad to find funds for reconstruction!

I think the "No one could have imagined..." lie is a bit threadbare now, no? I mean, we have the president on tape being briefed on the incipient disaster, of course. I refer to the day after the disaster to the present day. It's appalling, uncivilized, and a good preview of the world and country the Right would like to see.

How very Christian of them! More from Democracy Now.


This is not a joke. Read on, and shudder for truly free expression in this country.

June 28, 2007

Yes Men badly need sysadmin, server co-location


One day after the Yes Men made a joke announcement that ExxonMobil plans to turn billions of climate-change victims into a brand-new fuel called Vivoleum, the Yes Men's upstream internet service provider shut down, the Yes Men's spoof website, and cut off the Yes Men's email service, in reaction to a complaint whose source they will not identify. The provider, Broadview Networks, also made the Yes Men remove all mention of Exxon from before they'd restore the Yes Men's email service.

The Yes Men assume the complainant was Exxon. "Since parody is protected under US law, Exxon must think that people seeing the site will think Vivoleum's a real Exxon product, not just a parody," said Yes Man Mike Bonanno. &qu…

Kicked in the Family Jewels: CIA Nastiness FOIA-ed

Amazing. Here's the DN! report.

Here's the actual report from the National Security Archive.

Yeah, they don't do this anymore. Thank you, Gen. Hayden. I feel so much better now that these illegal moves have been normalized, spread throughout the executive branch (DoD, NSA), and, what's worse, outsourced to unaccountable private mercenary corporations (Blackwater, among many others). Here's Robert Parry on this issue. And here'sathree-parter on Robert Gates from TomDispatch by Roger Morris, who was on DN! today.

Oh, the progress we've made! If I hear one more self-congratulation on the elite media...