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Gaza: Humanitarian situation worst since 1967 | The Gaza Strip: A Humanitarian Implosion (PDF)

From Oxfam:
March 6, 2008 12:01 AMGaza: Humanitarian situation worst since 1967Amnesty International UK, CARE International UK, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Médecins du Monde UK, Oxfam, Save The Children UK and Trócaire.Poverty and unemployment up, hospitals suffering 12 hour a day power cuts, water and sewage system close to collapse.The humanitarian situation in Gaza is worse now than it's been at any time since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967, according to a new report published today (6 March) by a coalition of leading humanitarian and human rights organisations. The weekend's upsurge in violence and human misery underlines the urgency of this report.In their new joint report, the coalition - comprising Amnesty International, CARE International UK, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Médecins du Monde UK, Oxfam, Save The Children UK and Trócaire - warns that Israel's blockade of Gaza is a collective punishment of the entire Gazan civilian population of 1.5 million. The repo…

Gaza -- Ceasefire NOW (Petition)

Dear friends,

Gaza and Israel are on the brink of all-out war - before it's too late, let's raise a massive global outcry for a ceasefire to stop the violence and protect civilians: Sign the Emergency Petition The Gaza-Israel crisis is out of control. It's come to this:
bloody full-scale invasion, or a cease-fire.
[1] With rockets raining down on both sides, Israel launched a ground assault into the Gaza Strip this weekend.[2] Three Israelis and over a hundred Palestinians, many of them civilians and children, lie dead already.[3] The next 48 hours are crucial -- Israel's cabinet will discuss a larger invasion Wednesday. But Hamas floated a Gaza ceasefire months ago, and 64% of Israelis support the idea.[4]

Both sides know they are in a battle for global legitimacy, and international opinion counts. We need a massive global outcry for a cease-fire now -- sign our new emergency petition below, then forward this message to friends and family. We will deliver our petition to…

Stephen Kinzer on US-Iranian Relations, the 1953 CIA Coup in Iran and the Roots of Middle East Terror

Kinzer interviewed on Democracy Now. Key quote:
[An attack on Iran is] more possible than you’d like to think. In a reality-based, fact-based policy environment in Washington, you’d think that the idea of attacking Iran would be off the agenda now. Not only is there no enthusiasm in the military for this, or even in the Defense Department civilian side, we’re very stretched in Iraq, obviously, and there doesn’t seem to be any public demand or urgency for it. In addition, we had this National Intelligence Estimate, which undercut what had been the principal argument for an attack, which was Iran is just about to develop a nuclear weapon and therefore we need a preemptive attack. Now, our sixteen intelligence agencies have issued this report saying, actually, no, they’re not developing a nuclear weapon nor have they been working on this project for at least five years. So, that also, you would think, would eliminate this possibility.
Unfortunately, though, I think the—first of all, the fa…

Israel pull troops out of Gaza after bombing raids leave 114 dead - but vow to strike again

A crazy state. From the Nation: "Crisis in Gaza? Not for Obama or Clinton."

Bottom line: neither candidate will say a word as people die in order to get votes. No other explanation.

More here: Over 112 Palestinians Killed in Five-Day Israeli Attack, Mohammed Omer Reports From Gaza

And Media Lens is all over the propaganda response, as per usual:
MEDIA ALERT: Israel’s Illegal Assault On The Gaza ‘Prison’
Attacking The Prisoners

Israel has drawn international criticism for its latest series of onslaughts against the ‘prison’ of Gaza, the crowded home to 1.4 million Palestinians. Since last Wednesday (February 27), 112 Palestinians have died under Israeli air attacks and ‘incursions’ by Israeli troops. The dead include many women and children, such as four boys who had been out playing football and even babies killed in their homes. Last Saturday alone saw the deaths of 60 Palestinians under Israeli attacks. Three Israelis have died - one a civilian killed during a rocket attack by H…

Noam Chomsky, Terrorists Wanted the World Over

As with the last post, from Tikkun; see link in title above....
One of Noam Chomsky's latest books -- a conversation with David Barsamian -- is entitled What We Say Goes. It catches a powerful theme of Chomsky's: that we have long been living on a one-way planet and that the language we regularly wield to describe the realities of our world is tailored to Washington's interests.

Juan Cole, at his Informed Comment website, had a good example of the strangeness of this targeted language recently. When Serbs stormed the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, he offered the following comment (with so many years of the term "Islamofascism" in mind): "…given that the Serbs are Eastern Orthodox Christians, will the Republican Party and Fox Cable News now start fulminating against 'Christofascism?'"

Of course, the minute you try to turn the Washington norm (in word or act) around, as Chomsky did in a piece entitled "What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?", you'…

The breakthrough that did not happen: Palestinians try non-violence once again, by Amira Hass

For an entire day, the Israel Defense Forces raised the level of hysteria in Israel by announcing they were preparing for the possibility that thousands of Gazans would try to break through the checkpoints. It is easy now for the army to say that the breakthrough did not occur only because of the warnings that Hamas would be held responsible for the blood that would be shed. But anyone who is attentive to the Palestinians as an occupied people rather than as "an intelligence objective" (which openly provided the information that women and children would demonstrate against the siege on Monday), was aware they did not have a plan to topple the barriers at the Erez and Karni crossing points.

The well-publicized army preparations had a racist subtext: Look how Hamas is prepared to send children and women to absorb the bullets. In other words, Hamas is indifferent to people's lives and can also set them in motion like pawns. But even the youngsters who two days ago threw ston…