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25 July 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde

A unique gem of a comedy. Watch and enjoy!

Noam Chomsky speaking on the Manufacture of Consent, March 1990

An oldie but a goodie from right after the original edition of the book (written with Edward Herman) was published.

And here's a previously unpublished interview from 1989.

24 July 2008

Reason: Special interview with Noam Chomsky, New Scientist

Typically clear-headed statements on what we actually know, what we don't, and why we should be wary of hubristic claims about "how people really are."

Pastor Hagee's Extreme Makeover, American News Project

With allies like these, do elite neoconservative Jews need enemies? Nice one, Lieberman. Party down with and support one of the leading anti-Semites in the country. I love all the PR flacks, who can't possibly agree with this lunatic and his organization -- including, going by last name, a nice Jewish girl -- doing their job. I know, I know: they're only following orders.

More here, from The Real News Network:

22 July 2008

Court Confirms President's Dictatorial Powers in Case of US "Enemy Combatant" Ali al-Marri

Obama Adviser Cass Sunstein Debates Glenn Greenwald on FISA Vote, Executive Power and Prosecuting White House Officials for War Crimes

More legalistic double-talk, this time from an Obama advisor, on why breaking the law isn't really breaking the law. These people are the ones who make it possible for fascism to spread; a bipartisan project that Saint Obama fully supports.

Glenn Greenwald wipes the floor with the Obama mouthpiece, Cass Sunstein. See Robert Parry's books for the 25-year history of tit-for-illegal-tat between the parties.

As for Amy Goodman, well, is there some reason she is kissing the ass of someone, Sunstein, who supports illegal wiretapping? Is there any reason why she should congratulate this criminal-coverup-monger on his marriage to Samantha Power, of all people? Has Goodman forgotten all the work Chomsky has done on liberal interventionists?

Will Goodman just come out and declare support for Obama? No criticism of Sunstein's declaration that Obama is a constitutional scholar, right after he justified Obama's shredding of the fourth amendment? OK, they ran out of time: we'll see what she says on this tomorrow. Nothing, I expect. Another hopeful trend killed by greed, PR- or otherwise.

I assumed success would defang Goodman. Didn't think it'd happen so quickly.

21 July '08: Following exposure by B'Tselem, Military Police investigate shooting of bound Palestinian

Maryland State Police Spied on Peace, Anti-Death Penalty Groups

21 July 2008

Truthout Kucinich Interview

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election

ANP: Feith on Torture

"The stupidest fucking guy on the planet" (according to L. Wilkerson) speaks his so-called mind. To be fair, all these Nazis are parsing their words in order to avoid conviction at a war crimes trial. Don't worry; it won't happen. High-level Democrats -- Harman, Pelosi, Rockefeller, etc. -- are all indictable as well, so no Obama administration will take any action.

Benny Morris, Nazi

An appalling, if unsurprising, op-ed in the Times. Nice. Lunatics like this should not be encouraged. For more on this psychotic fool, see here.