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Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed, Noam Chomsky

THE SIMULTANEOUS unfolding of the US presidential campaign and unravelling of the financial markets presents one of those occasions where the political and economic systems starkly reveal their nature.Passion about the campaign may not be universally shared but almost everybody can feel the anxiety from the foreclosure of a million homes, and concerns about jobs, savings and healthcare at risk.The initial Bush proposals to deal with the crisis so reeked of totalitarianism that they were quickly modified. Under intense lobbyist pressure, they were reshaped as "a clear win for the largest institutions in the system . . . a way of dumping assets without having to fail or close", as described by James Rickards, who negotiated the federal bailout for the hedge fund Long Term Capital Management in 1998, reminding us that we are treading familiar turf. The immediate origins of the current meltdown lie in the collapse of the housing bubble supervised by Federal Reserve chairman Alan…

Steal Back Your Vote! -- A Nearly Free Guide to Protect Your Vote

Click above to purchase this Palast-RFK, Jr. guide -- non-partisan, so you can bring it into the poll -- for as little as one cent.

If you can't afford one penny, e-mail me and I'll send you my copy. I have given Palast a ton of money, and neither he nor RFK, Jr. could give a shit, I'm sure.

Check your registration, like, right now! Go to your state's board of elections site.

More here:

Our "Election" Problems

Moral Depravity at the New York Times, or, What the Fuck Else is New?

Click the link for the article; below is my response, followed by another commenter's, with the article's author's response, and my final one, yet to be approved.

Are Bad Times Healthy?
1936:In hard times, as in the Great Depression, laborers have more time to care for their children.My first comment:

Yes, the Depression was a much-missed golden age of family fuzzies for "laborers." More quality time sitting around the shack and really, you know, relating to each other. Providing food, medicine, education, and clean water is nowhere near as important for health as having "more time to care for [your] children." Just imagine how close you'll get to your young ones as you try to decide which of them eats tonight! It's even better than renting a Disney movie.

Anyway, yes, on the slide down to malnutrition, or even starvation, many fat people lost weight. That was really good! Plus, squirrels and rats carry 57% of the RDA for most key nutrients. If the …

Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader (I) "INFORUM" Event

This week on Road to the White House, Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader held a campaign event in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club of California. Mr. Nader answers questions about his presidential campaign and past runs for the White House. The independent candidate will be on the ballot in 45 states this Nov. 4th and is polling 5 to 6 percent nationally, according to the candidate's website.

Sunday : Washington, DC : 1 hr. 7 min.

Russia, Georgia & the U.S.: A Double Standard in Action, Ed Herman, Z Magazine

With the short Russian war on Georgia, the U.S. mainstream media rushed to the barricades in a now familiar and routine manner, as in their usual service supporting the invasion-occupation of Iraq and their portrayal of the "huge threat" posed by Iran's nuclear program. Of course, Russia's attack and occupation did differ from that of the United States in Iraq in a number of ways. For one thing, Georgia borders on Russia and has been armed and its military trained by powers not friendly to Russia (the United States and Israel). The national security threat it poses to Russia as a client of these foreign powers is not negligible. In contrast, Iraq had been effectively disarmed and was not a client of a threatening foreign power—hence its national security threat to the United States was negligible. A second and closely related point is that the Western arming of Georgia and U.S. effort to get it into NATO has been part of a larger program that has seriously jeopardized…