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What Can I Do About Climate Change?

Just in case anyone actually cares beyond virtue-signaling—and “caring” means “acting on what you know and say.”
Since you no doubt think I’m being self-righteous, or using this issue just to primp my feathers and compete with you, in typically neoliberal/upper-10-percent fashion, over the thickness or length of our respective “moral resumes,” just make all the bad feewings go bye-bye by presuming my ratio of knowledge-to-action is nearly infinite, unlike yours, which means you’re morally superior to me, which means there’s no need for your defensive reaction, as I’ve just ceded to you the entire field forever: you are a far better person than me. Now, then, and forever. I am the merest cringing worm fit only for squashing.
OK, now that that’s out of the way, there are no defenses left, right? No need to shoot the messenger or obsess about his tone, style, mode, native language, font choice, or fashion sense, since he just committed suicide. Right? I suck; you rule. Ignore the fact that…