Welcome to Free Expression!

In the coming weeks, you'll see all kinds of works of art on this blog: writing, audio, video, graphic.

All expressions are copyrighted by their authors, but all are available free for (we hope) your enjoyment.

Comments are welcome; none will be censored. If you'd like to join up, contact Doug at tarnopol@cox.net.


  1. hey dug!

    this is a cool beans quality site! When can I begin to post?


  2. Hi Doug...just got your email...

    Count me in.....!!!!!!!

    Will email very soon!


  3. Glad this started up, I may have a few things to get off my chest; you know away from cyberpols. There's a point where political discussion makes your scrotum shrivel up and your mouth taste like metal.

    But maybe that's just me :)

  4. I'd be interested to know whether anyone is wearing a Victorian-age metallic anti-masturbation device in your vicinity.

  5. If they are, it sure ain't workin :)


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