My Name Is Rachel Corrie Comes to NYC...Finally

Donna and I will be there on Saturday, October 14th.

It's playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre from October 5 through (as of now) December 3.

Go here to order tickets; would be nice to see folks on 10/14, but try to make this play, anyway.

(For those who showed up to Demetri's Measure for Measure to find me absent, well, this vegetarian now knows not to go to a Brazilian meatfest meal...I got the sweats and slept for 13 hours. This should not repeat itself...though I hope I've built up some enzymatic wherewithal for our delayed honeymoon in Italy, two weeks away!)

On the hysterical "controversy":

I have actually read the play. No, it's not the Oresteia or Hamlet, but it is a moving and complex look at the workings of one young woman's mind, based wholly on her own writings. I imagine it will be an interesting play to see, and I of course am sympathetic to not only the politics Corrie represented but also the courage it apparently takes to put on this play in the leading city of the United States.

That, however, doesn't make it a classic! But, based on the printed version, it looks to be a moving and interesting night of theater.