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"The Wager," Part 4

(© 1998, 2006, Doug Tarnopol. All rights reserved.)

Dear Readers: It's been a while -- been busy! Here are links to the first three parts:


The Lord snapped to attention. "Yes? What were we talking about?"

"The Annunciation? Remember that little incident?"

"Sure. What about it?"

Frustration was driving Mephistopheles close to tears. He struggled to compose himself.

"I was asking what Zeus would have done in Your place."

The Lord assumed a haughty tone.

"Zeus? I can imagine, but I won't soil myself by stating it aloud."

"Allow me. He would have assumed the form of a bull, busted right in there, and fucked the shit out of her! And she would have enjoyed it!" Mephistopheles was exaggerating -- at least the last part -- in order to further goad the Lord.

Mephistopheles paused and added, almost to himself, "Until Hera found out about it and forced Zeus to tur…