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Showing posts from June 18, 2006

My Name Is Rachel Corrie Comes to NYC...Finally

Donna and I will be there on Saturday, October 14th.

It's playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre from October 5 through (as of now) December 3.

Go here to order tickets; would be nice to see folks on 10/14, but try to make this play, anyway.

(For those who showed up to Demetri's Measure for Measure to find me absent, well, this vegetarian now knows not to go to a Brazilian meatfest meal...I got the sweats and slept for 13 hours. This should not repeat itself...though I hope I've built up some enzymatic wherewithal for our delayed honeymoon in Italy, two weeks away!)

On the hysterical "controversy":

I have actually read the play. No, it's not the Oresteia or Hamlet, but it is a moving and complex look at the workings of one young woman's mind, based wholly on her own writings. I imagine it will be an interesting play to see, and I of course am sympathetic to not only the politics Corrie represented but also the courage it apparently takes to put on this play in th…