Norman Finkelstein at Stanford, 1/25/07

If you've never read his books or articles or seen his speak, check this out. I highly recommend his books. Here's his site. His site, even more than his books and articles, drips with mordant irony and acidic satire. You might not like that, but to purposely misread irony as straight declaration, and to quote it out of context, is another well-worn propaganda tactic.

I have met him and discussed these issues in depth; he is a real scholar. You may disagree with his interpretation of fact (I don't), as one can with any historian or political scientist, but the accusations of anti-Semitism/self-hatred are ridiculous; of shoddy scholarship, almost laughably off (he is almost obssessive about matters of fact); and of Nazi holocaust denial, not only factually incorrect but morally repulsive. His parents survived Auschwitz.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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