Answer Me This: Why Won't the ADL Recognize the Armenian Genocide?

Could it have something to do with the uniqueness of the Nazi holocaust -- or, in Norman Finkelstein's useful terminology, the Holocaust, which refers to the ideological use of the real event, for which he reserves the term, "Nazi holocaust"?

Methinks it does. Now, I think the French are wrong to outlaw Armenian genocide-denial -- I'm a free-speech near-absolutist -- but it is rather interesting that Bernard Lewis, neocon extraordinaire, has been found guilty of this genocide denial.

But, according to some hysterics and Stalinist-like agitprop hacks, Finkelstein is a "Holocaust-denier," or, when pushed, "-minimizer." That Finkelstein's parents survived Auschwitz does seem to weaken this charge a tad, but, in the end, the Dershowitzes of the world pushed DePaul into denying Finkelstein tenure.

So, I guess some genocides are more equal than others. Disgusting.

(Note: I lost a good chunk of my family in the Nazi holocaust. My take on this is best explained in a comment I made to Chris Hedges' excellent article on what could be called "ethnic trauma-envy.")

Update: Interesting. First, the regional director of the dissenting chunk of the ADL has been fired. Second, Finkelstein has posted Dershowitz's condemnation of the ADL's refusal to recognize the Armenian genocide on his site (scroll down to bottom), regardless of Dershowitz's having spearheaded Finkelstein's firing at DePaul.

Gee, I guess Finkelstein actually does place honesty higher than most would, huh?