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Manufacturing Consent

Here's the full film, courtesy of Information Clearing House.

(Hint: When this loads -- in Windows Media Player -- you can right-click on the screen and expand to full-screen. The rez isn't great, but if you sit back a bit, it's fine.)

Many great videos and films on the left nav here. The articles are usually good. The commenters are often wackos, unfortunately.

Islam and Democracy

Clicking the title above will launch RealPlayer. If you have a problem, here's the page where the link resides. The description on the page does not do the video justice.

By the way, The Council for the National Interest obviously has its own interest. For what it's worth, here's what Wikipedia says about it.McCloskey attended a Nazi holocaust revisionist meeting. That doesn't fill me with confidence. Here's what CNI says about this film.

Here's what Jake Tapper, writing about many Muslim groups, such as CAIR, AMC, etc., said about CNI a week after 9/11. (Salon; should load, but you might need to click through an ad or do a daily site signup.) Knowing Jake before his flowering as a national news-celebrity (was married to his step-sister for a few years), I would take this with a very large grain of salt. He's mainstream Main Line; a quasi-"liberal" stance on most things -- except Israel.

So, like all sources of information, I would assume some bias, …

Stop the Escalation!

Hi, all:

The really important issue was the obvious declaration of a wider war in yesterday's speech. We are really spinning into hell; it is up to all Americans to get off their asses to stop this while there's still time. Don't kid yourselves: this administration is going for broke and will not stop unless compelled to.

Most crucially, American Jews must stand up and give the room for the much-needed critique of Israel. That government, and increasingly its society, is completely out of control. Since American Jews, such as myself, live here -- and since if any nation has leverage on Israel, it's the US -- we must say loud and clear that expanded war is unacceptable and immoral.

To put no fine point on it: we are being inundated daily with Israeli and AIPAC, ADL, et al, propaganda on Iran. Call me "self-hating" -- I know a scam when I see one. Neocon fantasies of US/Israeli dominance; Christian-wacko-right holy wars and Rapture; the usual military-industrial-c…

Escalation Speech

The speech was awful, but not because Bush is incompetent or a bad leader or whatever else MSM: "Liberal Wing" may be saying.

One can't really assume anymore (if one ever could) that
Bush runs things; and
that major goals are not being pursued, albeit not perfectly, but doggedly.
Most elite discontent stems from not wrapping this up more quickly. Democracy is a "nice-to-have" -- for some "critics" of Bush, like the wet-finger-in-the-air Friedman. It was, for the Flatworlder, in 1991, not desired; in 2002/3, desired; in 2006/7, not desired.

What I mean by "things" in #1 above is the vaunted "stability," which means US control over oil, which means over the global economy. There is simply no other rational explanation for this war, even with the Israel Lobbies, the Military-Industrial Complex, neocons, et al. We would not be in Iraq if their main export were figs.

The owners don't do this stuff for no reason, and they're not at all…

A Window on Another World

This is Mars. Just look at this photo. I know all the arguments about wasting resources on spaceflight, etc., and agree with them to some extent.

However, just look at this picture. This is a relatively hospitiable world, as far as we know. We wouldn't last a second there without the very technology that will probably kill us, one way or another, while possibly taking our own planet on a very harsh ride.

Enough words: look.