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Update from Democracy Now!

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

January 26, 2007


General Mann: “That skeleton beam must be what they used to wipe out the French cities.”

Dr. Forrester: “It neutralizes mesons somehow. They're the atomic glue holding matter together. Cut across their lines of magnetic force and any object will simply cease to exist! Take my word for it, general, this type of defense is useless against that kind of power! You'd better let Washington know, fast!” (The War Of The Worlds, 1953,

“Too Painful To Bear” But “Harmless”

The above quotes from the 1953 film The War Of The Worlds pretty much sum up what ‘heat-rays’ meant to us up until very recently - blistering beams of Martian light that were often seen reducing earthlings to dust during our childhood years. It goes against the grain, then, for us to conceive of such a thing as a harmless…

9 Ex-Black Panthers Indicted Decades After Confessions Under Torture

Update from Democracy Now!

What a wonderful coincidence. After posting about COINTELPRO, I turn to the news (Democracy Now!; linked above) and find this:
Back in the United States, nine former Black Panthers have been arrested and charged for a thirty-five year old murder case that was originally dismissed because police had obtained confessions through torture. The case centers around the killing of a San Francisco police officer in 1971. Three of the former Panthers were cleared of wrongdoing in 1975 after it was revealed police used torture to extract their confessions. The men were beaten, stripped naked, blindfolded, and had electric probes applied to their genitals. The new arrests are drawing intense criticism. Attorney Kamau Franklin of the Center for Constitutional Rights said: “These indictments are an attempt to rewrite history— the history of the Black Panthers, the history of COINTELPRO, and the history of the Civil Rights Movement.”Here's the scoop from the CCR. A coup…

Chomsky on Ford, East Timor, Watergate, and COINTELPRO

RealPlayer audio: you'll find this at or near the top of the list. It's titled: "On Gerald Ford and the Invasion of East Timor. The Struggle. January 5, 2007."

For more information on COINTELPRO and Watergate, see the following.

These sources help set the stage for where we are now: still in full reaction against the expansion of rights and freedom that took place in the '50's-'70's.

Or: "Why Cheney [and many, many others] Hailed Ford For Pardoning Nixon."

So, for your reading pleasure, and to show how much info is out there:
Pentagon Papers.Church Committee on COINTELPRO (I have a 14-meg PDF of this if you want). Trilateral Commission report, The Crisis of Democracy, 1975. Dig Samuel Huntington's piece, and dig who was on the commission. Two views of Watergate, from '73/'74: Chomsky, and A. Cockburn of Counterpunch and The Nation (in first comment).

Troops Home Now! UPFJ Petition -- Sign it!

Tell Congress: Use Your Power to Bring the Troops Home Now
We call on you, as our elected representatives in the U.S. Congress, to use your power and take action to end the war in Iraq and bring all the troops home. We call on you to:

* Vote for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq;
* Vote for full funding of veterans benefits;
* Vote against any funds for military action of any kind in Iraq, except for the safe withdrawal of all our armed forces;
* Vote for aid to reconstruct Iraq under Iraqi control;
* Vote to redirect our tax dollars for social programs at home.

Defend the Press

Click on the title above to sign the petition!
Sarah Olson is a journalist who published an exclusive interview with Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the highest-ranking member of the military to refuse to deploy to Iraq. Now, the Army wants Olson to be their witness in the lieutenant’s upcoming court martial. The Army is trying to turn speaking to the press into a crime — and wants to have a reporter participate in the prosecution of political speech.

Hauling journalists like Sarah Olson in front of a military court to testify against their sources silences debate, and creates a chilling effect on reporters willing to write the tough stories.

Journalists should not have to deal with potential fines, legal bills and jail time for serving the public interest.

The Current Crisis in the Middle East: Noam Chomsky

September 21, 2006
7:00 PM

Video length is 1:50:26.

Ayman Abu Shirbi of the Palestine@MIT organization, introduces the event and Noam Chomsky.

At 1:16, Chomsky begins.

At 1:05:55, Chomsky takes questions on a variety of topics: whether Arab states would peacefully live side by side with Israel; C.I.A. recruitment on the MIT campus; why U.S. progressives do not follow the European left and support the Palestinian cause; how Americans can translate moral rage into constructive political action in a unidimensional society; and whether a two-state solution wouldn’t actually be a defeat for radicals.