Help put Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot

Apply to Road Trip for Ralph today!

Ralph likes to say that half of democracy is just showing up. But what happens if you show up to vote and you can’t find your candidate on the ballot? It will require a monumental effort to get the hundreds of thousands of signatures required so that you can vote for Ralph in November.

Our goal is simple: to ensure that no American is denied the opportunity to vote for Ralph. This is the central and overriding focus of the campaign for the next few months.

Overcoming ballot access obstacles is also an opportunity—an opportunity to connect with millions of Americans from across the country. This will lay the essential groundwork for our long-term goal of activating 1000 people in every Congressional district to take back control from the corporate lobbyists on the crucial issues

The only way we can do this is with your help.

Our top three priorities are:

  1. Find a State Coordinator in every State who can help organize ballot access. Interested? E-mail with your resume and a one paragraph explanation of your interest.

  2. Raise $1.5 million to finance the ballot access effort. Click here to contribute.

    (Curious why it costs so much, see the state-by-state signature requirements.)

  3. Sign-up 100 Road Trippers for Ralph who can dedicate at least one month to help get Ralph on the ballot. If you're ready to make the commitment please fill out our Road Trip for Ralph application form. (Just curious, download the state-by-state signature requirements.)

Not able to join us on the road? No problem!

Here are five things you can do right now to make an impact:

  1. TELL US ABOUT YOU: Take a moment now to register as a Volunteer so we know how you are involved.

  2. TELL 5 FRIENDS: Send an e-mail to at least 5 friends letting them know about Ask them to forward it to at least 5 friends. (we provide samples)

  3. TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS: Inform your neighbors about the important issues at stake in this election.

  4. TELL THE WORLD: Help increase number of visitors to by adding our banner to your blog or MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube page and by adding us to your friends..

  5. CONTRIBUTE: Help us reach our goals by making a financial contribution.