Eliminating the Green Line, Peace Now (Israel) Report

Here's the main blurb:
Construction in Isolated settlement Aims at a Teritorial [sic] Connection

A. Main Findings:

  • Over 1000 new buildings are being constructed in the settlements, in which approximately 2,600 housing units, according to Peace Now’s calculations (aerial photographs and field visits). Approximately 55% of the new structures are located to the east of the constructed Separation Barrier.

  • According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics, construction in the settlements has increased by a factor of 1.8 by comparison to the same period last year. The Housing Ministry initiated 433 new housing units during the period of January – May 2008, compared to just 240 housing units during the period January – May 2007 (construction initiated by the Housing Ministry accounted for 64% of all the construction counted in the West Bank by the CBS in recent months).

  • 125 new structures have been added to the outposts, including 30 permanent houses.

  • The number of tenders for construction in the settlements has increased by 550%. 417 housing units, compared to just 65 in 2007.

  • The number of tenders in East Jerusalem has increased by a factor of 38 (1,761 housing units compared to 46 in 2007).

B. Construction in the Settlements: Eliminating the Green Line:

In recent years the trend has accelerated to eliminate the Green Line through intensive construction intended to create a territorial connection between the blocks of settlements and isolated settlements in the heart of the West Bank.

Click above for highlights; full report here (PDF). Here's a map of recent settlement-building activity:

And another important map, which you will no doubt see on the front page of the New York Times: