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Slaughter In Gaza

More Than 200 Killed As Israel Drops 100 Tons Of Bombs In Gaza City

The BBC Video Report

Israeli F-16 bombers have pounded targets across the Gaza Strip, killing more than 200 people, according to local medical workers. Click to view

Israeli Attack on Gaza, Kills 205

Israeli warplanes have carried out a massive airstrike on the Gaza Strip
By Press TV [Iranian TV -- Doug]

Video footage showed the bodies of dead people including men, women and children on Gaza streets. Continue

Eyewitness: Chaos in Gaza


We can see from our office here in Gaza, in the middle of Gaza City, ambulances are still evacuating the injured from buildings and school kids are trying to find secure places. Continue

Hamas Press Conference After Israeli Attacks On Gaza

Video - 27 Dec 08

Taher al-Noono, a Hamas spokesman, speaks to reporters in Gaza following Israeli attacks which killed more than 195 people and wounded more than 200 others. Continue

Bush Winks at Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza,

Obama and Clinton Are Silent

By Matthew Rothschild

President-elect Barack Obama and Secretary of State-to-be Hillary Clinton were shamefully silent in the first hours after the attack. Bush’s reaction, and the non-reaction by Obama and Clinton, underscores the point that Hanan Ashrawi made on Saturday. “Israel has gotten used to not being held accountable and to being a country that is above the law,” said the Palestinian legislator and human rights activist. She called the bombings a “massacre.” Continue

Gaza Massacres Must Spur Us To Action

By Ali Abunimah

"I will play music and celebrate what the Israeli air force is doing." Those were the words, spoken on Al Jazeera today by Ofer Shmerling, an Israeli civil defense official in the Sderot area adjacent to Gaza, as images of Israel's latest massacres were broadcast around the world. Continue

Gaza Massacre
Israel’s Cynicism Supported by the West’s Complicity

By Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

Today the Israeli army launched its long awaited strikes against the Gazan people, an unarmed, captive civilian population. The West, including the British government, has supported the last two years’ of blockade of the Palestinians in Gaza for the crime of exercising their democratic rights in a manner not to Israel’s liking. Continue

One Israeli killed, 4 hurt as Palestinian rockets hit Negev home: Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired at least 54 Qassam and Grad rockets into southern Israel on Saturday after Israeli air strikes killed more than 195 Palestinians in Gaza, according to Palestinian sources.

Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of savage attacks on Gaza: Livni instructed senior ministry officials to open an aggressive and diplomatic international public relations campaign, in order to gain greater international support for Israel Defense Forces operations in the Gaza Strip.

In Pictures: Israeli Attack On Gaza