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Socialism 2008 Conference: Chicago, June 19-22

I'll post stuff as it goes up on YouTube; or just go here: Facebook. Below is a video advertisement:

Mark Steel Lectures -- Hilarious Documentaries on Historical Figures....

As promised, some Mark Steel TV lectures for you to download (Right click and select "download file" or similar command in your browser to save to your local machine). Warning: these are large files that are best downloaded over a broadband internet connection and even then you should be prepared to wait for a while depending on the speed of your connection.All files are approximately 80 MBytes and 320x240 pixels resolution.Aristotle


Help put Nader/Gonzalez on the ballot

Apply to Road Trip for Ralph today! Ralph likes to say that half of democracy is just showing up. But what happens if you show up to vote and you can’t find your candidate on the ballot? It will require a monumental effort to get the hundreds of thousands of signatures required so that you can vote for Ralph in November. Our goal is simple: to ensure that no American is denied the opportunity to vote for Ralph. This is the central and overriding focus of the campaign for the next few months. Overcoming ballot access obstacles is also an opportunity—an opportunity to connect with millions of Americans from across the country. This will lay the essential groundwork for our long-term goal of activating 1000 people in every Congressional district to take back control from the corporate lobbyists on the crucial issues The only way we can do this is with your help. Our top three priorities are: Find a State Coordinator in every State who can help organize ballot ac…