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Noam Chomsky Lectures on Modern-Day American Imperialism: Middle East and Beyond, Boston University Law School, April 2008

Click above; video is unembeddable. Some of the documents mentioned:
PPS/23 (Report of the Policy Planning Staff dated 2/24/48, by George Kennan: "Review of Current Trends[:] US Foreign Policy"). Note the critique of Chomsky's use of the document, and his responses to the critique -- and then read it and make up your own mind.
NSC 68 (National Security Council report dated 4/15/50, by Paul Nitze and others: "United States Objectives and Programs for National Security"). Blurbage:
Noam Chomsky, an emeritus professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a well-known political activist critical of U.S. foreign policy, traces modern-day American imperialism to its earliest roots, 25 years before the American Revolution. If it weren’t for British forces preventing America’s expansion, claims Chomsky, Canada wouldn’t exist today.

Chomsky says the current war in Iraq can be traced back to the U.S. invasion of Florida during Andrew Jackson’s admini…

Eliminating the Green Line, Peace Now (Israel) Report

Here's the main blurb:
Construction in Isolated settlement Aims at a Teritorial [sic] Connection

A. Main Findings:Over 1000 new buildings are being constructed in the settlements, in which approximately 2,600 housing units, according to Peace Now’s calculations (aerial photographs and field visits). Approximately 55% of the new structures are located to the east of the constructed Separation Barrier.According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics, construction in the settlements has increased by a factor of 1.8 by comparison to the same period last year. The Housing Ministry initiated 433 new housing units during the period of January – May 2008, compared to just 240 housing units during the period January – May 2007 (construction initiated by the Housing Ministry accounted for 64% of all the construction counted in the West Bank by the CBS in recent months).125 new structures have been added to the outposts, including 30 permanent houses.The number of tenders for constru…

Polling, the media and who will win in 2008

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FBI Seeks Sweeping New Powers, Aziz Huq, The Nation

August 22, 2008 In July, the Associated Press reported that Attorney General Michael Mukasey was overhauling rules that govern when the FBI can begin an investigation. In a speech last week in Portland, Mukasey acknowledged this and explained that the new guidelines would yield a "more flexible, more proactive, and more efficient" bureau. FBI guidelines matter because Congress has never enacted a comprehensive statute governing the bureau, even though the FBI last month marked its hundredth anniversary. The FBI's birth in 1908 was an accident unanticipated by Congress: it was born because Attorney General Charles Bonaparte, frustrated by a Congressional appropriations rider precluding him from borrowing agents from Treasury to conduct investigations, hired ten former US Secret Service agents as investigators. For the next hundred years, the bureau staved off efforts by Congress to create a constraining legislative framework. After the Church Committee invest…