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12 December 2008

The Great War (BBC)

Huge documentary on the First World War from the 1960s:

11 December 2008

Altars of the World: The Great Religions of Man

Macedonia, a Civilization Uncovered

10 December 2008

Inside Islam, The History Channel

Arena - Encountering Bergman

Noam Chomsky: Obama's Foreign Policy Will Mirror Bush's Second Admin

BBC: Gitmo Military Prosecutor Breaks His Silence

08 December 2008

Apur Sansar (The World of Apu), Satyajit Ray,

Third film in The Apu Trilogy; see Pather Panchali here and Aparajito here.

Aparajito (The Unvanquished), Satyajit Ray, 1956

Second film in the Apu Trilogy; you can see the first, Pather Panchali, here.

Satyajit Ray's The Postmaster (1961)


The Story is about Nanda, a young man who leaves Calcutta to work as a postmaster in an isolated malaria-infested village. The postmaster is looked after by a young orphan girl, Ratan. His only solace in the village is in teaching Ratan how to read and write. The postmaster is the first of three stories by Rabindranath Tagore, winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature. The stories in to one film titled Teen Kanya (Three Daughters). It's considered by many as one of Satyajit Ray's masterpieces.

Satyajit Ray on Cinema: 9-minute clip

07 December 2008

Documentary: The Life and Work of Satyajit Ray