Noam Chomsky Interview: See Description Below

Kind of a strange interview; see blurb:
On February 17, 2009 we had the pleasure of meeting Noam Chomsky in a virtual classroom for a learning conversation. A learning conversation with a great author, professor, teacher or public speaker is the concept of the free of charge Virtual Round Table on Demand program which is conducted by LANCELOT School ( Those requesting the author are encouraged to collect 5 great questions which they would like to ask the author (teacher, professor or public speaker). The following is a recording of those 5 questions. LANCELOT School is an innovative, inspiring and sociable teacher training center for language teachers. Virtual Round Table with Noam Chomsky was sponsored by LearningTimes ( and (
The system kind of sucks, in my instructional-designer opinion, and the presenter wasn't too on the ball, either. But there's some interesting potential there, and Chomsky has intelligent things to say, as per usual.


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