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The Collapse of the American Empire?

Orson Welles, The Other Side of the Wind | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

My level of anticipation for this new Welles film has caused about a four-thousand year regression in my worldview/beliefs. I am literally propitiating the gods for a good future outcome, and would gladly slaughter a virgin if only I could find one in Rhode Island. At the same time, since I’ve fully embraced doublethink under the pressure of my mountainous anticipation, I am literally trying to convince myself that it will suck so that I can still enjoy it if it turns out to be mediocre (for him). 
I am deeply proud of how quickly I hurled out the window all the collected, hard-won knowledge and wisdom of humanity just because there’s a new Welles film. I figured you would be, too.
The film, all kidding aside (You: “He was kidding?”), isn’t some thrown-together cash-in thing: it was mostly completed with apparently full instructions on how to edit the last bit about forty years ago, but typically Wellesian financial and then family-legacy squabbles kept it on ice/unfinished, other than …

Recommendation: Buy, Borrow, or Steal (and then Read) the Library of America's Debate on the Constitution

Bernard Bailyn edited this wonderful collection [link below] of the Federalist Papers, the anti-Federalist Papers, and a ton of other stuff--and all put in chronological order so you can easily follow the argument in near-real-time.

Essentially, these are the greatest op-eds ever written, as far as I know. Plenty to laud, plenty to damn, plenty to learn. And the mofos tended to, like, you know, do good writes as like all them guys had did, just like as today's American especially Trump does!

Woah: when looking online for a link to this edition just now, I found out that there's a sale at the LoA: you can get both volumes, plus their volume of Jefferson writings, for six bucks.

Not that I'm any kind of expert, but I'd recommend the following for background:
Isaac Kramnick's intro to the Penguin edition of the Federalist Papers (at least back-in-the-day's edition)Bailyn's Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, and Gore Vidal's Inventing a Nation. …

The ever-excellent Jonathan Cook: Why we’re blind to the system destroying us

"In another hundred years, if we still exist as a species, our system will look no less corrupt – probably more so – than its predecessors. Neoliberalism, late-stage capitalism, plutocratic rule by corporations – whatever you wish to call it – has allowed a tiny elite to stash away more wealth and accrue more power than any feudal monarch could ever have dreamt of. And because of the global reach of this elite, its corruption is more endemic, more complete, more destructive than any ever known to mankind. A foreign policy elite can destroy the world several times over with nuclear weapons. A globalised corporate elite is filling the oceans with the debris from our consumption, chopping down the forest-lungs of our planet for palm-oil plantations so we can satisfy our craving for biscuits and cake. And our media and intelligence services are jointly crafting a narrative of bogeymen and James Bond villains – both in Hollywood movies, and in our news programmes – to make us fearful an…