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Showing posts from September 30, 2018

A posthumous honor for the man who saved the world, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Zero hyperbole: read [link], learn, and then, hopefully, act--before it's too late.

A documentary from 2015 on this just one of dozens upon dozens of near-extinction events since 1945. 

Weak Underfunded IRS Behind Trump's Wealth and History of Avoiding Taxes

The important point is not about this or that bad apple but rather the fact that the barrel itself is rotten.

Recent interview of Chomsky in Brazil

In English, on a wide range of issues.

A Short History of U.S. Meddling in Foreign Elections

Noam Chomsky's Report of His Visit with Lula, the "Soft Coup" in Brazil, and What it Portends--for All of Us

Sanders Calls for Kavanaugh Perjury Investigation - Where are the Democrats?

Excellent commentary far more wide-ranging than the USSC fight. As per usual with Paul Jay--both the excellent and the wide-ranging.