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Recent Tulsi Gabbard Interviews, March 2019

A frustrating mix of very good and very bad.

Matt Taibbi | The News Media and Manufacturing Consent in the 21st Century

Here's some info on the interviewer, and here’s a three-hour career retrospective (C-Span’s In Depth):

Brexit: Yanis Varoufakis on May's mistakes and the best road ahead

I Just Gave $50 to Ilhan Omar for Congress and Life Among the Latte-Sippers

Got too annoyed with the antisemitism smear: threw her two and a half Benjamins. Throw her something; she’s almost all alone out there. Left her a voicemail, too—figured she’d appreciate a message of support from a J-O-O.
Dan Cohen, journalist, attended AIPAC. OK, so the number of mentions of Omar way outstripped the handful of that actual antisemitic lunatic who killed whole buncha Jews last year, and the majority of that handful of mentions were apparently to equate that maniac with Omar. But I’m the self-hater. I see.

(“OMG, he just posted something from RT! Connect the dots! We're through the looking glass, here, people!”—Rachel Maddow)

Hey, you all know me: I’m still working on being a human being. Not advanced enough for these subcategorizations that people make such a fuss about. So, I’m Jewish in Jonathan Miller’s sense of it: normally, it plays no role, but when presented with either (1) an antisemite or (2) an unjust smear of anyone on earth as an antisemite or (3) some id…

Ralph Nader Righteously Slams All Who Need Slamming: Mueller, Trump, the media, the Democrats

Nicely done, and typically not along the usual binary divide.

Dig it.

Jonathan Cook, Would railing at a Labour Saudi lobby be racist?

Based on a recent video by Owen Jones addressing the supposed problem of Labour Party antisemitism. Which is a pile of horseshit, of course, equal to thinking Ilhan Omar said something antisemitic. She didn't.

The kick off:

Jones makes a telling analogy, and one that highlights his confusion. He objects to Labour members raising the issue of Israel when Jewish comrades want to talk about anti-semitism by noting that no one would think it acceptable to deflect the conversation to Saudi Arabia if Muslims sought to talk about Islamophobia. However, Jones ignores a very serious difference between these two examples. The fact is that there is a very strong and vocal pro-Israel lobby in the Labour party – not least the Jewish Labour Movement, the sister organisation of the Israeli Labour party, and Labour Friends of Israel, which includes 80 MPs. Imagine for a moment – if you can – what it would mean were the voice of Muslims in the party to be represented chiefly by a Labour Friends of Sau…

Here's where Russiagate Russophobia lands you: increased chance of nuclear war

This anti-Russia hysteria well predated Trump and it'll post-date him, too. It's part of the bipartisan lunatic center that pushes America Über Alles, across the globe, period. Anyone who asks a question is a traitor.

Read all about it here.

This, by the way, is one reason not to much miss John McCain:

Two years ago, when the Senate debated whether to approve bringing Montenegro into NATO, the mud flew at Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky after he showed up to object. An infuriated Sen. John McCain declared on the Senate floor: “I have no idea why anyone would object to this, except that I will say — if they object, they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin, and I do not say that lightly.” Moments later, when Paul said “I object,” McCain proclaimed: “The senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” With those words, McCain conveyed the common madness of reverence for NATO — and the common intolerance for anything that might approach a rational de…

How The Media Failed In Covering Russiagate ft. Matt Taibbi (TMBS 83)

Clinton-Era Official Says Left Should Lead Following Center-Right Failures

The official would be Brad DeLong, and here's the original interview in which he made the statement. Yes, I looked, and he's taking massive shit from rigid, dogmatic, religious-fanatic Clintonistas. Oh, well.

US Military Budget Reveals an Offensive Posture, Russia and China on Defense--Wilkerson

More background here:

The Coming War on China from John Pilger on Vimeo.
The Coming War on China (2016) is John Pilger's 60th film for ITV. Pilger reveals what the news doesn't - that the world's greatest military power, the United States, and the world's second economic power, China, both nuclear-armed, are on the road to war. The film is a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.

Ana Kasparian On Tulsi Gabbard

Brexit: What's the f**k is going on?

The New Feudalism

The tragedy of this American moment: Populism, elites, and the 2020 election

Democrats' Russophobia Hid Trump's Real Crimes

Jeff Cohen: And it’s been this obsessive focus on Russiagate to the exclusion of issues that might actually resonate with the U.S. voting public, like Trump’s corruption. And what’s concerned me all along as a political analyst is the Democratic leadership, whenever anyone over the last two years would bring up impeachment–and there are so many provable, in light of day, done in public actions by Trump against sectors of the U.S. public, against the Constitution, against democratic process, whether it’s his refusal to divest his business interests which leads to financial conflicts of interest, that’s unconstitutional, the Muslim ban, you can’t discriminate against people based on religion, abuse of the pardon power with Joe Arpaio, politicizing federal prosecutions, attacks on the media coupled with threatening to use federal agencies to go after journalists that you don’t like. This kind of thing is unprecedented in modern presidential history and goes beyond Nixon. And yet, all you g…

Russia Obsession Let Trump Abandon Nuclear Treaties—Wilkerson and Jay

A minor side-effect of the corporate Democrat Russiagate religion. The worst, dumbest, most craven bunch of fucking fools in the country, and that includes the Trump team, who just beat them into the ground. Again.

These are the "winners," now--the ones who bash the fucking retarded professional left hippie-fools for being naive.

Peter Dear, "Who Cares About the Scientific Revolution?"

Economic Update: Fascism: An Analysis for Today

As Mueller Finds No Collusion, Did Press Overhype Russiagate? Glenn Greenwald vs David Cay Johnston

Gee. I don't know--ya think? Too bad The Adults in the Room didn't listen to the stupid, naive hippie losers begging them not to go all-in on collusion. Boy, aren't they smart and savvy?

More here from Aaron Maté:

Adolph Reed, Jr. on the long, slow surrender of American liberals, 2014

Read all about it.

Get the appeal of Sanders now?

Reed is very, very sharp.

Adolph Reed, Jr on Bernie and the Reparations Debate

It's Official: Russiagate Is This Generation's WMD, Matt Taibbi

The Democrats and so-called "liberal media" are a bunch of fucking morons. As has been pointed out by actual lefties since forever, but we were laughed out of court.

Do these fucking morons ever get slightly annoyed being so fucking wrong all the time? Please, Rachel Maddow, et al--please tell me which candidate you think can win. You're all such winners, after all.

The article.

Neoliberalism Needs Authoritarian Governments: David Harvey

And a much longer discussion from ten months ago: