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Laurie Garrett: Ebola Has Gotten So Bad, It’s Normal

Read about what may well end up killing you, Dear Reader, right here.

A nice little taste:

The epidemic has already transformed from what last summer was a remote, rural phenomenon to an urban mess in Beni (population 232,000) and Butembo (estimated to have around a million residents)—both bustling trade cities that are densely populated and located along a highway that parallels the Ugandan border and Semliki River. Farther south along the highway are two pivotal metropolises, Goma and Bukavu, each with a million residents, bordering Rwanda and Lake Kivu. Were Ebola to reach these cities, a top WHO official told me, “all bets are off,” for stopping the epidemic.

I just read The Hot Zone, from 1994. Nothing I didn't know, generally speaking, but with the details and the narrative, even after factoring out journo-novelistic elements, sheer horror.
Not much, but some, has changed since then.
Nowhere near as important as whether Uncle Joe rubbed shoulders too much, I know, but, still--for…

Glenn Greenwald Debates Cenk On Mueller Investigation

See, this is why I did TYT and Cenk: he had the integrity to invite GG on and have a perfectly reasonable, animated discussion back and forth. I actually think GG is more in the right here than Cenk--but I couldn't care less about that for the point I'm making here. TYT, while it happily admits its progressive slant, is not about a party line; they want to have real debates, and if and when any TYTer is wrong--or at least Cenk and Ana, who are who I really watch a lot--they own it. Period.
Cenk understands that true integrity leads to real, warranted trust. That's a fuckload more important than "building a brand" or "protecting your ego." Note that he's publicly self-critical about adding to the scream-machine. Kudos. So do I in my own small way, when I do. We're all guilty to some extent.

Read the comments on the YouTube page. Yeah, the worshipers of either party to this debate mostly missed how their avatars were comporting themselves, intellec…

WitchHunt: Controversy Over Anti-Semitism and the British Labour Party

Here's the documentary itself:

Here's a Q and A on it:

And check this from MediaLens.

Deep Faith in the Deep State Gives Dems a Set Back