A Cup of Tea

One could write a poem about drinking tea.
About drinking tea and looking into the reflection.

"Drink away my friend," I say.

I wait a bit longer.

And I look a bit closer.

A nose slowly in focus. Shadows the highs and lows of a contrasted detail.
Then an eye. All seeing?

On the brink of time-space, images curve
A mouth, neck and motion the warp. The nose reaches the other end of my universe.
Shaking, vibrating, pulsing pores. It could be horrid or beautiful. Frightening?

"What you see is who you are," my friend whispers, "Drink away."

And I drink. I drink every last drop till the cup bleeds no more.
Because I like my Fruit and Almond tea.

But it's just a cup of tea

I just scribbled this down about two minutes ago. I actually had these thoughts while drinking a cup of tea. I've meant it to be like drinking my reflection, "myself" as society and even I see myself ("What you see is who you are."). At the same time, the poem is meant to tell people that their self image is just an image. I happen to like my image, or my cup of tea, so I drank all of it!
That was just the most obvious metaphor. Can anyone find some others? I'm curious as to what people would think.


  1. Automatic writing is fun. We're so buried in intertextuality (those of us who read and write for fun, at least) that we can't help but pull up a few strands from the polysemic web that some call "the collective unconscious," others "mentalities," and others...well, too many names to list.

    So, I've done automatic writing for its own sake, or to revisit with an almost self-analytical eye, looking for symbols from the web I mentioned, and from my own unconscious mind -- if there is in fact any difference (there is, a little bit, I think), and then I deploy it more consciously in a rewrite.

    Like here: You've got several fruitful images/tropes/ideas/whatever:

    1. Doubling/doppelganger.
    2. Reflection as a pun.
    3. Illumination and vision as a symbol for knowledge.
    4. Microcosm/macrocosm.
    5. Epistemological questions -- am I reading too much into this to see an unresolvable irony in what your "friend" whispers and the fact that drinking away the reflection removes your selfhood, almost violently? ("...bleeds...")

    If you say, oh, I didn't mean that to any of this -- well, OK, but remember, there's a good psychological reason why writers and other artists used to believe in the muses: this stuff comes out from way down below in the unconscious. It seems as though it arrives from another mind.

    Which is why it's so much fun!

    Also, what others see doesn't necessarily need to be anticipated...nor can it be. Readers bring their own prisms to the lightshow.


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