Desolate METROPOLIS, a podplay for the 21st Century

Desolate METROPOLIS is a fresh and daring drama by Scott A. Josephson, which mocks the Fashion Industry. Set in Greenwich Village, an eclectic blend of stylish couture enthusiasts, cynics, poets, and miraculous minds exchange souls in a tale as darkly delicious as it is haunting and hilarious.

Originally composed for the stage in the Summer of 1999 and completed on New Year's Day 2000, Desolate METROPOLIS makes its debut in a medium inspired by the golden age of radio -- the podplay.

The script was revisited and revised over the Summer of 2005, modified to add narration in place of stage direction. Auditions, callbacks, and rehearsals were all held via phone. Recording took place on a rainy Saturday afternoon on Long Island, the cast coming together for the first time in person to lay down this entrancing work.

Desolate METROPOLIS also features a potent original score and music by Jordan Pier and Farewell Redemption.

It is available for free, direct download at

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