U.S. intelligence: Iran apparently halted nuclear weapons drive in 2003

Will this NIE stop Bush-Cheney? (More here, by Ray McGovern.)

Looks like the answer is very possibly, "hell, no -- how could you be so silly?" Some larger context here. You don't hear Giuliani, for example, reining in the stop-Iran talk, do ya? How about Huckabee or any of the other candidates on the Rethug side, Paul excepted? To say nothing of Hillary...but maybe she'll change her tune.

Frankly, I think impeachment is the only thing that will rein these lunatics in (the current lunatic-residents of the White House Asylum). The key question is: What Did Bush Know on Iran, and When Did He Know It? Furthermore, if Bush-Cheney aren't stopped now, then no future president of any party will feel the slightest bit constrained. That is a bipartisan issue, no?