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John Lennon, RIP

The Seventh Decade – Jonathan Schell on “The New Shape of Nuclear Danger”

So, are you really concerned about nuclear weapons? Or just when it's the enemy-of-the-month that has them, or is acquiring them, or has knowledge of how to make them...or, uh, could acquire that knowledge...I mean, it's dangerous, right? Uh -- BOMB THEM!

Well, if you are, give Schell a listen, pull your head out of the sand, and start working on what you can actually, possibly affect: US policy.

Bob Dylan, "Cold Irons Bound"

I may have posted this before, but who cares? It kicks serious ass. From the much under-rated film, Masked & Anonymous. Looking forward to I'm Not There...hope I'm not disappointed.

I'm beginning to hear voices and there's no one around
Well, I'm all used up and the fields have turned brown
I went to church on Sunday and she passed by
My love for her is taking such a long time to die

I'm waist deep, waist deep in the mist
It's almost like, almost like I don't exist
I'm twenty miles out of town, in cold irons bound

The walls of pride are high and wide
Can't see over to the other side
It's such a sad thing to see beauty decay
It's sadder still, to feel your heart torn away

One look at you and I'm out of control
Like the universe has swallowed me whole
I'm twenty miles out of town in Cold irons bound

There's too many people, too many to recall
I thought some of 'm were friends of mine; I was wrong about 'm all
Well, the road is rocky…

The Massive Change Annapolis Wrought

Israel to Build New Homes in Jerusalem SettlementIsrael has announced plans to build more than three hundred homes in a Jewish-only settlement in East Jerusalem. The new homes would be built in Har Homa, a settlement of more than 200,000 people occupied since 1967. Palestinians have called for sovereignty over East Jerusalem as part of final peace deal. The move comes just one week after Israel made the latest of several pledges to freeze settlement construction at the U.S.-brokered summit in Annapolis. But on Tuesday, Israeli officials said the Road Map does not apply to Jerusalem but only the West Bank. In a letter of protest, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat called the settlements the "single greatest threat" to a final peace deal. And what's been going on for the past decade, colonialization-wise?
Study: Israel Demolished 3% of Illegal OutpostsMeanwhile a new study shows the Israeli government has carried out just three percent of its pledges to demolish unauthorized…

Amnesty International's Times Ad on the 2006 Military Commissions Act

Click the image to enlarge and read it. More info here and here; the Supreme Court will hear a case on the MCA.

Here's the Center for Constitutional Rights on this case. Sign their petition here. Send a copy of the Constitution to George W. Bush here (no pictures, but maybe someone will read it to him; perhaps animate it with hand puppets).

Sign Amnesty International-USA's petition here. Visit Tear It Down (Gitmo, that is) here.

Democracy Now on opening arguments: Attorneys Ask Supreme Court to Restore the Right to Habeas Corpus for Guantanamo Prisoners.

Fact-Checking Dobbs: CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs Challenged on Immigration Issues

An hour of Dobbs on Democracy Now. Worth watching, especially on the right-wing populism tip. Some more on the divide-and-rule phenomenon of right-wing "populism," also known as "proto-fascism."

I might add that a re-viewing of Bowling for Columbine would reinforce the point of this and other recent posts. As the economy tanks and intelligence estimates are brushed aside in favor of totalitarian fear-mongering, expect not a left-wing populist uprising but yet further consolidation and deployment of citizens' fury on anyone but those who deserve it, our rulers, the owners of the country.

Here's Amy Goodman's column on Dobbs. And here's another DN! report: FBI Statistics Show Anti-Latino Hate Crimes on the Rise.

U.S. intelligence: Iran apparently halted nuclear weapons drive in 2003

Will this NIE stop Bush-Cheney? (More here, by Ray McGovern.)

Looks like the answer is very possibly, "hell, no -- how could you be so silly?" Some larger context here. You don't hear Giuliani, for example, reining in the stop-Iran talk, do ya? How about Huckabee or any of the other candidates on the Rethug side, Paul excepted? To say nothing of Hillary...but maybe she'll change her tune.

Frankly, I think impeachment is the only thing that will rein these lunatics in (the current lunatic-residents of the White House Asylum). The key question is: What Did Bush Know on Iran, and When Did He Know It? Furthermore, if Bush-Cheney aren't stopped now, then no future president of any party will feel the slightest bit constrained. That is a bipartisan issue, no?