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"I hear Jesus totally rocks on Guitar Hero."

A non sequitor for anyone not in on the e-mail conversation, but it tickled my fancy:
The Jesus Christ Experience has Conquered America!By Doug Tarnopol. Published December 25, 2007
The Jesus Christ Experience, fresh from a successful tour of former Soviet republics, rocked the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University last night.
Jesus, of course, stole the show, singing "I'll Lay My Hands on You" suspended face down from a huge lighted crucifix, flying over the crowd. But the band was tight, especially with Peter on keys, a leper on bass (they haven't had a steady bassist since Judas left the group to tour with Kiss), and Torquemada laying down the heavy beats.
Even though the stage show had to be altered -- Tulsa's a dry town, so bottled water remained water -- everyone really hit their mark. Magdalene, Bathsheba, and Mary did their usual great backup singing, and in killer outfits: they make Jane's Addiction's dancers look like a bunch of latte-sipping…

Free Rice: Play and Feed a Hungry Person

Today's FCC Ruling: Sign the Petition to Stop Big Media

Dear Doug, Millions of people stopped the FCC in 2003. Let's do it again! Sign the Open Letter to CongressIt happened. A few minutes ago, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and his two fellow GOP commissioners approved new rules that will unleash a flood of media consolidation across America. The rules will further consolidate local media markets -- taking away independent voices in cities already woefully short on local news and investigative journalism. In 2003, the FCC tried to do the same thing, but millions of people demanded that Congress reject the FCC's rules. And they did. It's time to do it again. We need 100,000 people to get Congress to reverse the FCC's rules right now.Sign Our Open Letter to Congress
Then get three of your friends to do the same.
This is about whether we will have access to the information that democracy requires. It is about whether or not we'll have real news and local voices on radio, television and in the newspaper in your town. It's…