France is healthcare leader, US comes dead last: study

Guess Michael Moore was right, huh?

More here; abstract, and access (pay) to full report here.

Key quote:
The researchers estimated the number of lives that could have been saved in 2002 if the U.S. had achieved either the average of all countries analyzed (except the U.S.) or the average of the three top-performing countries. Using this formula, the authors estimated that approximately 75,000 to 101,00 [sic] preventable deaths could be averted in the U.S. "[E]ven the more conservative estimate of 75,000 deaths is almost twice the Institute of Medicine's (lower) estimate of the number of deaths attributable to medical errors in the United States each year," the authors say.
Still think this socioeconomic system isn't murderous? Death has always been quite profitable.