Samantha Loses Power: Obama Advisor Resigns for Clinton Comments

From Democracy Now:
Meanwhile a senior foreign policy advisor to Obama has resigned after she was quoted calling Hillary Clinton “a monster.” The advisor, Samantha Power, was speaking to the Scotsman newspaper. Power called Clinton a “monster” who “is stooping to anything” to win the campaign. In a statement, Power apologized and said her comments were inexcusable. She had widely been seen as a pick for a senior position in an Obama White House. Power also caused controversy last week when she appeared to downplay Obama’s stated commitment to a timeline for pulling troops from Iraq. In an interview with the BBC, Power called Obama’s withdrawal plan a “best case scenario” that could change if conditions on the ground were different by the time he took office.
Nice. Good-bye, Samantha Power. I'm sure she'll be back at Harvard, post-haste.

More on Power here.

Not that Hillary's foreign policy advisors are any better, of course.