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Anatomy of a Liberal Interventionist

Here's Obama's senior foreign policy advisors, Samantha Power -- a perfect example of a liberal apologist:
  1. Samantha Power v. Jeremy Scahill: A Debate on U.S. Actions in the Balkans, the Independence of Kosovo, the Iraq Sanctions and Humanitarian Intervention
  2. Barack Obama’s Senior Foreign Policy Adviser Samantha Power on Obama’s Call to Increase the Pentagon’s Budget, Hugo Chavez, Funding the Iraq Occupation and Attacking Pakistan
To laugh out loud at her smarmy, wholly inauthentic mode, forward to 16 minutes, 11 seconds on the second link. I literally laughed out loud at her.

Update: Here's a good piece on Power and power from Znet, and here's the Charlie Rose interview. I can't take the time to point out every false piece of "conventional wisdom" herein. It should be obvious; it's really disgusting: