Tell Congress: Arrest Karl Rove

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Tell Congress: Arrest Karl Rove

More than seven years too late, it appears as if a growing number of congresspersons are realizing that they are part of a co-equal branch of government. After allowing their institution to be disrespected and at times ignored by the executive branch, top officials in Congress are finally expressing a willingness to use their full power under the Constitution to rein in an out-of-control administration.

The current target: Karl Rove.

Rove has been asked by the House Judiciary Committee to testify about his involvement in the Justice Department’s prosecution and imprisonment of former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman. As Rove has so far refused to testify voluntarily, members of Congress have started sending signals that they are prepared to go to the mattresses over this.

Two prominent members of the House Judiciary Committee have advocated the use of “inherent contempt” against Rove, which would allow the House Sergeant-of-Arms to forcibly bring Rove to the House to testify.

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Enough is enough.

You have allowed the Bush administration to treat members of Congress like powerless observers of their lawless and unconstitutional behavior for most of the past seven years. You have accepted widespread use of signing statements, deceptive use of intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq, and even a refusal of current and former administration officials to testify before your committees.

The Bush administration has basically been held accountable for nothing. And if you don’t take some kind of significant action now, you may find that you have set a precedent for the future in which Congress will essentially be subservient to the executive branch. This is exactly the opposite of what the framers of our Constitution intended.

It is alleged that Karl Rove encouraged – and perhaps even directed – the Department of Justice to prosecute former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman. This is an extremely serious allegation and Karl Rove must respond to congressional requests for him to testify about his involvement.

If Karl Rove does not agree to testify voluntarily, then he should be issued a subpoena. If he refuses to comply with the subpoena, he should be held in contempt. If the Justice Department does not bring the contempt charges to a grand jury (as it has refused to do with the contempt citations against Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers), then the House should immediately use its constitutional inherent contempt power to arrest Rove and force him to testify.

Members of the executive branch cannot be above the law. If the administration does not police itself and also refuses to bring any charges to the courts, there is only one branch of government left: Congress. You are all that stands between our constitutional form of government and tyranny.

One may say that Congress is making an example of Karl Rove. That statement would be correct. He will serve as an example of what can happen when an executive branch official believes that he (or she) is above the law.

Do not let Karl Rove destroy our Constitution. If he refuses to testify before Congress, please use your inherent contempt power to arrest him and hold him in the House until he complies.