Vietnam: The (Last) War the U.S. Lost, by Joe Allen | An Interview

In his introduction, filmmaker and writer John Pilger hails Allen's book as "a masterpiece" that "has reclaimed memory from the organized forgetting that has so bedeviled the very word 'Vietnam.'"

In addition to debunking the popular mythology surrounding the U.S.'s longest war to date, Allen addresses three elements that played a central role in routing the U.S. in Vietnam: the resistance of the Vietnamese, the antiwar movement in the United States, and the courageous rebellion of soldiers against U.S. military command.

You can listen to Joe talk about his book in a recent interview with Lee Rayburn on WXXM radio in Madison, Wisconsin.

Vietnam: The (Last) War the U.S. Lost
By Joe Allen
Foreword by John Pilger
ISBN: 9781931859-49-3
Paperback, $14, 220 Pages