America the Illiterate, Chris Hedges

Typically astute and painfully accurate.



    "We live in two Americas"
    Chris Hedges has declared,
    But while he makes a careful case
    I know which one´s preferred.

    "America the Illiterate"
    With endless waves of boredom,
    Not only inconsiderate
    Are people turning more dumb?

    Ah, Chris! so we are losing ground,
    Our numbers fast diminish
    Of who would read--a change profound
    To see a culture finish.

    Yes, these "core values" you express
    Of our society
    Devolve to something meaningless
    To the majority.

    Unless our forces can retrench
    Of those who seek the truth,
    Not brands sold by a comely wench
    In crafted image smooth--

    So we must face an awful loss
    Or silently bear witness
    As words admonishing we toss
    To ears and brains sans fitness.

    The Mind in this America
    Is fast becoming mush--
    To our compatriots I call Whoa!
    And question, What´s the rush.

    Your images belie the truth,
    And render substance false:
    Though you may seek eternal youth
    It´s childishness befalls.

    Chris, keep the secret to ourselves.
    They scurry into mere
    Irrelevance, as pixies, elves
    Scatter their stardust drear.

    Yet we who love the written word
    Or crisp articulation--
    Rational logic--have preferred
    The truer, if minor, nation.


  2. Well done! Most creative comment I've ever gotten on this blog.


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