Mesoamerican Documentaries

The Dawn of the Maya (National Geographic)

The Lost Gods - The Maya (History Channel)

Mystery of the Maya (IMAX)

Engineering an Empire - The Maya (History Channel)

Natural World - Secrets of the Maya Underworld (BBC)

Nova - Cracking the Maya Code

Ancient Apocalypse: The Maya Collapse (BBC)

Places of Mystery - Chichen Itza's Sacred Ceremonies

Secrets of the ancients - Olmec Heads (BBC)

Ancient Voices: Aztecs: Inside the Hidden Empire (BBC)

Ancient Warriors - The Aztecs (Discovery Channel)

In Search of History - The Aztec Empire (History Channel)

Unsolved History - Aztec Temple of Blood

Blood and Flowers - In Search of the Aztecs (BBC)

Conquistadors - The fall of the Aztecs (PBS)

Heroes and Villains - Hernan Cortes (BBC)

Engineering an Empire - The Aztecs (History Channel)

The Aztec Massacre

The Last Aztec

What the Ancients Did for Us - The Aztecs and Maya

Ancient Civilizations - Fall Of The Aztec & Maya Empires (Not embeddable.)

Ancient Mysteries - The Puzzling Pyramids of Mexico (Not embeddable.)


  1. Wow - if only you'd been around to supplement my dry, monotone World History professor! Obviously I could spend all day, and probably will, exploring all the material you are offering here. Let me pause right now to say a huge THANK YOU for these beautiful, thorough, mind-opening presentations! As a novelist who delights in creating ancient-type worlds, I am indebted to such series as Engineering an Empire for lending detail and reality to my work. Of course, history is vital knowledge for everyone.

  2. Well, that was so nice I hate to admit I'm merely passing along some great stuff that someone else put up on YouTube! (Click through to YouTube and you'll see the person's avatar/screen name.) I have only watched the Mayan Code one; great stuff.

    I had a "non-Western history" week a couple of weeks ago (16 Nov - 23 Nov); you might dig these:

    # Africa, Basil Davidson
    # The Silk Road, 1980, NHK (Japan) and CCTV (China)
    # The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World
    # Various Documentaries on the Mongols
    # The Mystery Of The Taj Mahal * ஆங்கிலம்
    # The Story of India
    # BBC Documentary: In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

    Thanks for stopping by! I also write a bit, so I'm glad to meet ("e-meet") another writer. I'm also a big fan of historical novels -- especially Gore Vidal, Robert Graves, and Mary Renault.

  3. I saw your site just now -- nice! I love to see people creating new worlds, especially given the state of the real one.

    I left out Naguib Mahfouz's three novels of Ancient Egypt. More good stuff.

    These authors are just those I've come across; never made any study of historical fiction as such.

  4. Thanks, Doug! What a fount of resources you are! Valuable stuff! Thank goodness I found you again. I'd only gotten to two presentations before being interrupted. Henceforth I shall keep better notes of the blogs I visit! What have you written?


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