'Times' Journalist Ethan Bronner On Gaza Conflict

A truly professional piece of propaganda; a joint production of Bronner and the aptly named Gross. Note the comments on the page linked in the title above; most people get it.

I don't have the time now, but this can be refuted point-by-point. But it is quite well-crafted propaganda, which will be obvious to those in the know, yet invisible to those wedded to racist arguments. The more you know, the more you realize that literally every second clause is at best a distortion. I may get to that at some point; it's too tempting not to, and might be useful.

The grossest Gross agitprop was the quip about how "normal" Gaza City sounds; Bronner picked up the cue like the professional actor he is. Yes, you'd never know a war had occurred: "you" being the intended target of this propaganda: liberal American Jews.

Note that criticism of Israel is limited to professional outrage over not being allowed in. Poor little Bronner.