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Drop Everything, Run Out, and Buy, Borrow or Steal a Copy of the New Translation of Zorba the Greek

It’s phenomenal, with a terrific afterword, too. Translated by a leading Kazantzakis scholar—and, for the first time, from the original Greek. The translation all anglophones have read and loved was actually a translation of a French translation of the original Greek!

It’s phenomenal—and more than being a phenomenal novel, it’s a lesson in how to live, and an act of love, a memorial for, an immortalization of, a dear friend. Pen-pushers have their role, too; not just Dancers. They are the only ones who can grant eternal life.

Kazantzakis is one of the greats, one for the ages, the equal of any other writer of the past century or more. Find out why, if you don’t already know.