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Addiction and Connection: Glenn Greenwald interviews author Johann Hari

Interesting stuff; and spot on.

Here's a taste from Hari:

"All addiction is an attempt to fill a hole that doesn't quite work. There's another way in which the internet feeds this crisis. Everyone knows that junk food has taken over our diets and made us physically sick, right? You can tell from my chins. There's equally strong evidence that junk values have taken over our minds and made us mentally sick, and there's good evidence that the internet feeds this.

"For thousands of years philosophers have said, 'If you think that life is about money and status and how you look to other people, you're going to feel like shit.' That's not an exact quote from Confucius, but that's the gist of what he said."

And that's about it. Really existing values suck; the system makes it worse; and we're eating ourselves and each other alive--soon to be turbocharged by resource depletion of all kinds.

Do something about it.