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Noam Chomsky on the Threats of Nuclear War, Climate Disaster, Iran, and North Korea, May 4th 2018

Very Interesting Report on “Israel’s Fox News,” Journeyman Pictures

War Games over Preventing Nuclear War, North Korea Version

When, precisely, will the US give up playing fun war games for, like, I don’t know, maybe preventing a nuclear war and providing actual security for itself and the rest of the world? Is this too much to ask?

Forget altruism or even caring about anyone else. One would think that the vaunted US elite would realize that simple, sane (if immoral) self-preservation—even if unfortunately linked to the continued survival of legions of untermenschen we’d all be better off without, to be sure—is pretty much always the right move.

Even that level of moral or cognitive development seems beyond the vaunted US elite. 

Seriously, how much worse off could we possibly be if we picked Americans at random, with zero experience, and just made them the decision-makers. Utterly at random. Possibly including the national population of farm animals, too, because, once again: how much worse off could we possibly be? 

I would seriously consider replacing Donald Trump with a goat. A goat randomly choosing policy o…

DIY Gene Editing: What Could Go Wrong?

If history has one clear message, if we’ve learned anything about human life since the Pleistocene, it’s that people are very good at handling lots of power so it’s always best to make lots of power widely available while at the same time, if at all possible, minimizing the barriers to its use. If the effects can be irreversible, too, well, then you’re totally safe. Safe as houses.

And when you throw in the profit motive on top of that? I mean, throw in the profit motive, greed, on top of hubris, stupidity, ignorance, and foolishness, and, admit it: you can virtually guarantee that nothing of any kind will go at all amiss at any point in the near or far future.

I’m glad I could reassure you on this point today.