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'Long Strange Trip' Official Trailer (2017) | Grateful Dead Documentary

This is excellent; on Amazon Prime now.

Diving back into Finnegans Wake

I just pick up where I left off. Which is probably perfectly fine with this book, after all. Greatest work of surrealism ever? I’m sure there are many dissertations on that possibility.

Here’s the crazy thing: I just read it and laugh. I don’t mark the shit up like some highbrow Dan Brown fan. I just read the fucking book. Crazy, I know. If you’d rather hear than read, which in the case of this book, might be the right way to go (though you’ll miss some of the gags), try this.

And here’s a nice playlist of documentaries on Joyce, Wiki on Wake (Wakey?), and an online annotated version. And even a film version:

Actually, what’s crazy is that this is a manuscript of “Work in Progress,” the working title for Wake:

Eugene V. Debs

A fine American whom more Americans should know about.

Some of his writings are here; and you can watch/listen to some documentary material, including the famous Bernie Sanders-authored radio documentary, here.

And if you have Kanopy, they have the new full-length (and excellent) doc, American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs.

Web Exclusive: Noam Chomsky on International Solidarity in the Nuclear A...

The Best of Tolkien on the Tube of You

I’ve put together these playlists over the years. Yes, I “curate” them, too. Enjoy!

Tolkien Radio Dramas and Dramatic ReadingsAwesome Tolkien DocumentariesTolkien Art

Two Perceptive Statements from 1943: Brady and Kalecki

Ya can’t escape class conflict, contradictions.

One way fascism comes:

One way to prevent it; the conclusion:

“‘Full employment capitalism' will, of course, have to develop new social and political institutions which will reflect the increased power of the working class. If capitalism can adjust itself to full employment, a fundamental reform will have been incorporated in it. If not, it will show itself an outmoded system which must be scrapped. But perhaps the fight for full employment may lead to fascism? Perhaps capitalism will adjust itself to full employment in this way? This seems extremely unlikely. Fascism sprang up in Germany against a background of tremendous unemployment, and maintained itself in power through securing full employment while capitalist democracy failed to do so. The fight of the progressive forces for all employment is at the same time a way of preventing the recurrence of fascism.”

Norman Finkelstein on Israel-Palestine: „I Think that Gandhian Tactics C...

Channel 4 (UK): Gaza suicide crisis: 'We're dead already'

How’s that milky-honey thing workin’ out for ya? [Wink.]

Here’s some more reality: Abby Martin’s Empire Files on Israel-Palestine, 2015-2018. You’ll note the slant, but, still: pretty much on point. Yes, it’s on Venezuelan state television; and it could drop the drama, overall—ominous theme music, her annoying delivery. But the content is good. Even if she insists on making a John Carpenter/Terry Gilliam film of it. She’s not making it up. 

Neither are these people. Neither is this guy. Nor this guy, when he updated his 1977 film of the same title in 2002, sixteen years ago:

The truth hurts, and you rarely see this stuff in the American media.

OK, that was the reality part. Here’s the satire. Again, the truth hurts. And will you set you free.

Jeremy Scahill: Obama Paved Way for Haspel to Head CIA by Failing to Hol...

When asked whether he now thinks that deciding to “look forward” on CIA torture was an error, former president Barack Obama said, “Honestly, I think the best thing for us to do as a country is to reject the cynicism, reject the Monday-morning-quarterbacking, and just look forward. That will be $950,000, please—and make it snappy: I have to meet Branson for a windsurfing date and his plane’s coming to pick me up. Make sure you have a good long look at my Nobel Peace Prize on the way out.”

The Young Turks: Anti-Bernie Concern Troll Industry Booming

This is a thing of beauty—Cenk just rips this awful article apart. Damn. Everything about this is spot on except Cenk’s pronouncement of the word “faux.”

Translation of this awful article: “We’re fucking terrified that Sanders or Warren will run—and get the nomination. And then our gravy train is all done.”

Two Documentaries on Rembetika, the “Greek blues”

Rembetika (BBC, 1983), below. Narrated by Anthony Quinn, even! Here’s the wiki on the variously transliterated musical style, known as “the blues of Greece.” Pretty much, most of that Zorba music you’ve heard. It’s all great.

Here’s the other doc: Music of the Outsiders: Rembetika, 1988.