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The Person Who Wouldn’t Take “No” for an Answer

A: Would you like some strawberries?

B: No, thank you.

[Time passes.]

A: They’re really good.

B: I’m sure they are, but I don’t like strawberries.

[Time passes.]

A: I don’t think you understand how good they are, though.

B: It doesn’t matter how good they are; I don’t like strawberries, so I wouldn’t appreciate a good one.

[Time passes.]

A: You know, I spent a lot of money on these strawberries.

B: Great, so eat them. I don’t like strawberries.

[Time passes.]

A: You know, I was thinking of you when I got the strawberries; I thought, “I want to bring light into
B’s life, so I’ll take money out of my own children’s mouths—their very mouths, mind you—so that I might bring just a tiny ray of joy into B’s life.”

B: I appreciate that, but I don’t like strawberries.

[Time passes.]

A: I cannot believe how insensitive and cruel you are. [The tears come.] It’s a tiny little fruit, and despite all I’ve done for you, starting with thinking about you when I bought the strawberries, and you sit there on…

Drop Everything, Run Out, and Buy, Borrow or Steal a Copy of the New Translation of Zorba the Greek

It’s phenomenal, with a terrific afterword, too. Translated by a leading Kazantzakis scholar—and, for the first time, from the original Greek. The translation all anglophones have read and loved was actually a translation of a French translation of the original Greek!

It’s phenomenal—and more than being a phenomenal novel, it’s a lesson in how to live, and an act of love, a memorial for, an immortalization of, a dear friend. Pen-pushers have their role, too; not just Dancers. They are the only ones who can grant eternal life.

Kazantzakis is one of the greats, one for the ages, the equal of any other writer of the past century or more. Find out why, if you don’t already know.

Allan Nairn on Trump and Trumpism

Interviewed by Jeremy Scahill for The Intercept. Nairn is brilliant and fearless; always worth attending to.

Here’s a taste of sanity—and he’s a die-hard lefty; a real lefty:
So, the Democrats getting control of the House, and even more so the Senate, are absolutely crucial to stopping the rise of what really is, it’s already an extreme rightist movement that has control of the government, and what could become an incipient fascist movement given Trump’s own ideological inclinations.And one thing I think that’s necessary for people who consider themselves decent is to apply a principle. In Indonesia, there’s this saying [Allan speaks Indonesian], which means essentially, “have a warm heart and a cold brain.”So, when you’re dealing with something like politics, you have to think coldly and objectively. So, on the congressional level, you fight like hell to get a very good nominee. But if it so happens that the Democratic nominee in your district is a corrupt tool of the local corporation…

Not the Onion: Roger Kimball, “Donald Trump as Pericles,” in some Trump-linked online rag called “American Greatness”

Cue Bruce Gold from Heller’s classic satire on ink-stained, pseudo-intellectual wretches on the make, Good as Gold

I think Trump sexually excites Kimball—soft, flabby writers often get turned on by Men Who Kill. Not just rightwingers, mind you. Good liberals, too.

I’m not joking; here’s a direct quote: 

“It’s a good thing that Pericles did not have to suffer under the scrutiny the chest-less, politically correct ditto-heads that rule our media and educational system today.  Or perhaps I should say, it is a good thing for them that they did not have to suffer under the frank and manly self-confidence of Pericles.”

Methinks it’s Kimball who wants to suffer under the frank and manly self-confidence of a thickly be-chested Trump. And/or Pericles. While, of course, wearing his cute little “I’m the next George Will” bowtie. Around his neck or...wherever.

You can read the rest of this crap here. This fucking rag used to employ Michael Anton, whose deep intellectual contributions you can find a …