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John Cleese - WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

The Rutles - All You Need is Cash

Just phenomenal. Watch, laugh.

The Launch of Progressive International

A coproduction of the Sanders Institute and DiEM2025, and many others.

Here's a playlist beginning with Varoufakis discussing the launch and the current moment on Democracy Now followed by the hour-long launch meeting consisting of a discussion among:

Niki Ashton, Member of the Canadian House of CommonsDavid McWilliams, Economist, Broadcaster & JournalistJeffrey Sachs, Economist & Public Policy AnalystSenator Bernie Sanders (I) VermontYanis Varoufakis, Economist & DiEM25 co-founderAda Colau, Mayor of Barcelona

The Awe-Inspiring Savvy of Moderate, Centrist Democrats, the Adults in the Room

The Democrats—or, rather, the neoliberal Clintonista wing that's run it for thirty years—have a negotiating strategy unique in political history. Here it is:
(1) Start by accepting your opposition's framing before negotiations even begin in order to be "bipartisan."
(2) Unilaterally give up 90% of what you claim you want in order to "reach across the aisle."
(3) Triangulate with your opponent such that you lose 8% of your remaining position even if you "win."
(4) Bash anyone against this historically unique negotiating strategy as "fucking retarded professional leftists"—or, better yet, racists and sexists—out to undermine any realistic progressive gains and the negotiating position of the Democratic Party.
Result? All the well-educated latte-sipping types who worship NPR and the New York Times when they're not watching their 401(k)s skyrocket, who think themselves "liberals" or "progressives," will nod enthusiasticall…

MediaLens, usually good, fucks up embarrassingly

MediaLens (ML) often does good work, as does Cook, but this is bordering on ridiculous. Have a read before you read the following, or the following will make no sense. 

Even if you take all of Cook’s criticisms on board, and I do (and I bet Glenn Greenwald [GG] does, too), it literally doesn’t mean that GG is wrong that the Guardian often does good work and it would better if it didn’t collapse. It does and it would. Half the thing is clickbait identity-politics-mongering crap, too, which doesn’t get mentioned…but they also do good work. 

Is this shocking? The FT, the NYT, the WSJ—all of the non-Breitbart, non-Fox, etc, news orgs can and do do good work, in and among the crap. That’s all GG is saying, as far as I can tell.

ML is being purposely obtuse here: maybe they’d like to see the Guardian go down in flames, and surely The Canary, noted herein, which I recently wrote an article for and may happily do so again, might, too, in order to gain market share, but I don’t. GG has zero conne…

Bernie Sanders: Concentrated Wealth is Concentrated Power

Miami Herald, Perversion of Justice: On Jeffrey Epstein's Stunningly Light Punishment for Serial Pedophilia

Helped along by his powerful scumbag friends, like Alan Dershowitz and the current Secretary of Labor, Acosta, who is now responsible for, you guessed it, dealing with sex trafficking in the US.

Trump and Bill Clinton--and many others--all cozy friends. A civil suit is nigh, along with investigations in the House, I am sure. Whether the Justice Department does dick is another question.


And watch this for an overview:

Kate Aronoff: "With a Green New Deal, Here's What the World Could Look Like for the Next Generation"

We haven't got any choice, anyway. Not that that will make us take this step, but this is by far the sanest proposal out there.

A taste:

IT’S THE SPRING of 2043, and Gina is graduating college with the rest of her class. She had a relatively stable childhood. Her parents availed themselves of some of the year of paid family leave they were entitled to, and after that she was dropped off at a free child care program. Pre-K and K-12 were also free, of course, but so was her time at college, which she began after a year of public service, during which she spent six months restoring wetlands and another six volunteering at a day care much like the one she had gone to. Now that she’s graduated, it’s time to think about what to do with her life. Without student debt, the options are broad. She also won’t have to worry about health insurance costs, since everyone is now eligible for Medicare. Like most people, she isn’t extraordinarily wealthy, so she can live in public, rent-controlled hous…

Sen. Graham Wants a More Reliable Fascist in Saudi Arabia - Paul Jay

Bing-the fuck-o. Here's the transcript.

Will nominally adult Americans ever--EVER--learn to analyze events like Jay does?

I'm talking latte-sipping, upper-ten-percent, often multiple-, even Ivy League-, degreed professional who tend to be sharp as fuck at their jobs, mind you. People who literally have zero excuse to be morons.

When politics comes up, they dump a hundred IQ points (I mean this metaphorically; IQ is horseshit) and at least two decades of age and experience. The triumph of infantilizing propaganda, that is.

Don't Worry: The Cops Will Protect You From Literal Fascists, Part N

Here's the story, from the Guardian, about what's happened already in the US. Without a real terror attack, without a financial crash and depression, without a real war.

Who needs a Reichstag fire, anymore? That's so fucking 20th century.

Read: Anti-fascists were stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally. Then police tried to charge them.

It gets worse. Read.

NYT: "The Insect Apocalypse Is Here"

Nothing much to see here--nothing that will improve your personal brand, nothing to add to your LinkedIn profile, nothing positive-thinking that mindfully expands your leadership skillset.

It's nothing much, really. Just yet another indication of the literal apocalypse we're happily creating--yes, even while we just love our kids to bits. "We're such great parents! I mean, I paid you a hundred bucks an hour to get Ashley's 95th percentile score on the SAT up to the 98th! Doesn't that mean I'm a great parent? Why are you so mean?"

How many Americans you think know what "ecosystem" actually means? Or "food web?" Or "trophic level?"

We’re all about to get a real lesson.

Punchline: The lesson will go unlearned: it’ll all be blamed on some combination of Mexicans, Muslims, and probably also Soros-Jews: "Soros paid Mexicans to destroy bees with drugs, radical Islam, and possibly also by raping their queens in order to force th…

Addiction and Connection: Glenn Greenwald interviews author Johann Hari

Interesting stuff; and spot on.

Here's a taste from Hari:

"All addiction is an attempt to fill a hole that doesn't quite work. There's another way in which the internet feeds this crisis. Everyone knows that junk food has taken over our diets and made us physically sick, right? You can tell from my chins. There's equally strong evidence that junk values have taken over our minds and made us mentally sick, and there's good evidence that the internet feeds this.

"For thousands of years philosophers have said, 'If you think that life is about money and status and how you look to other people, you're going to feel like shit.' That's not an exact quote from Confucius, but that's the gist of what he said."

And that's about it. Really existing values suck; the system makes it worse; and we're eating ourselves and each other alive--soon to be turbocharged by resource depletion of all kinds.

Do something about it.

Bernie Sanders LIVE Town Hall – Solving Our Climate Crisis | NowThis

Naomi Klein Interviews Bernie Sanders on Climate Change

Bernie Sanders: End U.S. Arms Sales to Saudis and Support for its Yemen War

This is just Nazism: Denmark Plans to Isolate Unwanted Migrants on a Small Island (NYT)

Yes, put the diseased unpeople on an island, keep them there, and never even try to integrate them into society. Keep them with the diseased animals (literally). Think I'm exaggerating? Read.

This is Modern Liberal Scandinavia, mind you. The world is going fascist--and you're doing fuck-all about it. You, me, all of us.

"But I'm updating my LinkedIn profile with new entries to my CV! What else could you possibly expect from me? Plus, why are you being so misogynistic--this young female Nazi is just leaning in and making a name for herself. God, what a Bernie Bro!"

The Progressive International has launched: join now

Just fucking do it; no typical lefty ideological whining, please. It's a co-production of Varoufakis's DiEM2025 and the [Bernie] Sanders Institute.

I know: far too much to ask for; possibly more than getting LINAs and PINAs (liberals/progressives in name only, aka, "Clintonistas") to join in.

I joined, and I threw down fifty bucks.

Here's the linkage. Watch the video:

Progressive International from MEANS OF PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

And here's the full launching statement:

There is a global war being waged against workers, against our environment, against democracy, against decency.
A network of right-wing factions is collaborating across borders to erode human rights, silence dissent, and promote intolerance. Not since the 1930 has humanity faced such an existential threat.
To defeat them, we cannot simply go back to the failed status quo of the last few decades. Unfettered globalization promised peace and prosperity. But it delivered  financial crisis, needless war, and…