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Is TRNN Soft on Russia?

When was the last time you saw a non-lip-servicing debate in any news organization, applying to itself the standards it applies to others? When was the last time you saw any human being do that?

This is why the Real News is the real deal.

Noam Chomsky - Moral Depravity Defines US Politics, Nov 2018, KGNU C...

Here's a useful time-stamped index provided by the uploader; click on the time-stamp to be taken to that part of the video:

0:00:00 Climate Change 0:07:10 Nuclear War 0:09:42 Democrats Continue to Abandon the Working Class 0:11:37 The Forty Year Decline of the Working Class 0:15:50 Present-Day Elite Ideology In Contrast With The Old Conservatism 0:18:16 Neoliberalism: The "Great Moderation" 0:22:35 Neoliberalism in the Trump Administration 0:25:16 Disenfranchisement of Voters 0:27:54 Republican Campaigning Tactics 0:32:29 Analogous Developments Outside the US 0:33:45 Popular Resistance and Signs of Hope Around the World
0:36:05 Hate Crimes & Neoliberalism
0:37:44 The Prospects for Neofascism 0:39:37 US Responsibility for Central American Refugee Crisis 0:43:31 EU Responsibility for African and Libyan Refugee Crisis 0:45:14 US Violent History 0:48:00 The Prospects for War with Iran 0:51:26 The Prospects for a New Economic Order 0:54:23 Lula's Prison Senten…

'Europe's problem is its failed economic system, not migration' - Yanis ...

Economic Update: The Great American Purge

Blurb on The Real News: "Professor Wolff begins by explaining the economics behind the great U.S. anti-leftist purge ('McCarthyism') after 1945. The program then shows the economic impacts of that purge over the last half century. In the second half, Prof. Wolff explains how that history produced a very different political response to the crash of 2008 compared to FDR’s response in 1929."

Trump Energy Adviser Runs Away from Amy Goodman Like a Little Bitch

This is what Amy Goodman does best, and god bless her: "Amy Goodman attempted to question Wells Griffith about the Trump administration’s climate policy at the U.N. summit Tuesday. Griffith refused to answer questions and ran from our camera team for about a quarter-mile, retreating to the U.S. delegation office."

Dig it here.

A Green New Deal: Bill McKibben Hails Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Plan to...

You know, the plan pushed (if not originated) by the total fool AOC, as per everything you'll ever read about her, aside from her horse-race (if ominous) popularity, in the Mainstream, Responsible Press which is peopled by Moderate, Centrist, Pragmatic, Reality-Facing Adults, as opposed to irresponsible, utopian morons like AOC. Who want to, like, avoid the destruction of civilization, if possible.

What a fucking moron! Plus, she wore expensive clothes not her own once, so: ignorable hypocrite!!!!!

More fools who shouldn't get a hearing, unlike the ruling class that's led us to the brink of about four different fatal disasters: Varoufakis, Bernie Sanders, Bill McKibben, and anyone else who doesn't put profit, market share, and US imperial interests über alles.

My god, Doug--once again, I and my Ivy League degrees agree with you! You're right--I think we can mindfully increment our way out of climate disaster without me having to change my beliefs, let alone my life…

Ukraine Requests NATO Military Buildup, Imposes Martial Law as Russia Se...

Paul Jay and Marc Steiner: Russophobia and the Mueller Investigation

Phenomenal discussion; transcript here. The framing is perfect: there are lots of issues here, let's take them one by one, and always with a realistic sense of history and the current political forces and their interests. I mean, there's no other rational way forward. This never pleases the propagandists, of course, who want to endlessly re-bleat "emotionally potent oversimplifications" in order to "manufacture consent." The Big Nothingburger faction and the Russia Delenda Est faction will unite in agreement in hating the framework of this discussion.

Harmonica (Remastered), Graham Bond Organisation

This is the best song you've never heard.

The Beatles: a musical appreciation and analysis by composer Howard Goodall

Eric Idle - WTF with Marc Maron Podcast